Semiconductor of Ou Silang photoelectricity aids force country beautiful mobile phone to realize the iris of highest and safe level to identify a function

As Internet gain ground and develop, the role that mobile equipment acts in the life is more and more important, use a mobile phone to store important information and network shop wait for behavior also all the more is general, it is increasingly important that accordingly credible solution locks up safeguard. Besides through dactylogram identifying the technology undertakes solving a lock, increasing manufacturer begins to turn to the look spot an error the iris with smaller, higher security identifies a technology. Iris is the biology feature with unique human body, iris identifying uses eyeball of user of infra-red LED illuminate, by mobile equipment before buy is photographed film like the head the iris picture in person eye, the iris picture that meeting backstage will film and the picture that put beforehand have iris attestation system match, after matching a success, implementation iris solves a lock.

All behave exceedingly good Chinese country beauty in the domain such as smartphone research and development, production, sale electric equipment included this lifetime content to understand lock technology in the U7 model mobile phone that 2017 year end appears on the market. This mobile phone uses ternary biology to identify, include face of dactylogram, person and iris to identify, exert oneself makes the most secure comprehensive screen mobile telephone. Among them “ is based on iris technology to add close MyKey 2.0 ” to basically sell a site for the product. The iris that Europe manages bright photoelectricity semiconductor is mobile phone of national beautiful U7 identifies a function to offer core component ——SFH 4780S.

National beautiful mobile phone

Iris identifying technology is in mobile phone application, the buy before need is used is photographed undertake filming to iris like the head, be not the sensor with pure independent support. Film to avoid external environment to be opposite the influence of iris picture, accordingly, iris identifying technology is extremely strict to the quality requirement of core component. Regard the Ou Silang of core component as this SFH 4780S, have outstanding measure / function comparing, can help mobile equipment fast, essence realizes iris definitely to identify Jiesuo function. Height of this LED product is 2.4 Mm only, typical radiate intensity can achieve 2900 MW/sr however.

“ from the country the United States entered mobile phone market 2016, semiconductor of Ou Silang photoelectricity spread out close cooperation with its, arrive from the U1 2016, K1 show the U7 model mobile phone nowadays, ou Silang besides offerring LED product, the lab equipment that returns major of oneself of have the aid of and technical group dominant position offer optical imitate for its, evaluate, the service such as modification proposal. Semiconductor of photoelectricity of ” Ou Silang is multivariate market facilities ministry consumes kind of electronic China area the say when selling manager Feng altogethers to cooperate this in refer, “ is current iris of mobile phone of beautiful whole department identifies the country the function all uses program of the product outside Europe Si Langgong, prospective both sides still is met in 3D person more collaboration spread out on facial identifying. ”

Semiconductor of Ou Silang photoelectricity devotes oneself to to help a client hold larger technical dominant position in the market all the time, competing thereby the market of intense, not a second is to be lost develops more likelihood.

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