Second half of the year of next year of chip of server of AMD 7nm EPYC comes out

AMD stock rises greatly continuously recently, will 3 years go up 15 times, went up since this year 150% , went up again today 1.5% , had reached 28.5 dollars at present, the share price upper limit of 30 dollars just gives out before long before the analyst, 30 dollars are being broken through in light of now is not big question. AMD share price goes up greatly have be caused by of two main factors, one is delay of Intel 10nm craft, the 7nm chip that another is him AMD goes well, and can go up in EPYC server chip a core of hair 7nm Zen 2. Nevertheless AMD government emphasizes was being released 2019 all the time, but did not give a specific time, the anticipation of industry is hopeful consider as at the beginning of 2019, but the 7nm EPYC chip of AM is 2019 second half of the year comes out in light of now, the series of acute dragon Ryzen 3000 that consumes level is met a few later.

AMD exhibits the progress that goes up to took the lead in announcing chip of 7nm EPYC server in the Taipei computer at the beginning of this year June, chip has been finished at that time stream piece, second half of the year began to give appearance 2018, released 2019. The conference declares to go up in the money of Q2 quarter, AMD CEO affirmed 7nm EPYC chip has given appearance to give a client again, go well, will release 2019.

The research and development of 7nm and the following craft, investment stopped without limit as a result of GF before long before, AMD announces to make 7nm CPU and GPU order for goods entirely by the stage the generation that accumulate report is versed in, the government also mentioned their CPU/GPU route chart to won’t be affected, AMD CTO Mark Papermaster emphasizes them accumulating report to had cooperated with the stage first 7nm GPU and 7nm server CPU, former predict to be released by this year, latter will be rolled out in next year, do not pass to release time specificly to still did not allude.

To the 7nm CPU of AMD and Navi GPU, the hopeful anticipation before this was 2019 release first, although AMD government is done not have so had said, but from stream piece, progress giving appearance and stage accumulate the 7nm at the beginning of electric next year to produce can release because always looks,wait, guess next year is released first half of the year reasonable also. But the report of the analyst Mark Lipacis of outstanding Fu Rui should sprinkle bit of cold water possibly he was in —— a few days ago AMD stock kept in the report buy grade, value target share price 30 dollars.

Nevertheless he can go up to meet with AMD high level in Chicago peak last week, affirmed ——AMD of a thing will be in second half of the year rolled out density of a transistor to compare the server MCU with Intel even fast processor 2019 (microprocessor) , he states this is throughout history AMD first the competitive posture of changeover and Intel, precede with more advanced technology namely adversary, on this problem, coming 12 years in the past is Intel banner AMD.

Although the report of Mark Lipacis is,convey pair of AMD value, the AMD 7nm chip that nevertheless he shows fully comes out time lets everybody have bit of disappointed ——2019 year second half of the year just can release 7nm EPYC chip. Although EPYC is server chip, do not have with consumer how old relation, but the issue is declaring where one stands at AMD 7nm craft this generation is EPYC is sent first, the acute dragon processor that consumes level wants to wait for the 2nd, the acute dragon that this means next year to use 7nm technology 3000 series also are second half of the year.

Second half of the year still was a very old idea 2019, july or November is second half of the year, 14nm EPYC server was June last year the bottom begins to appear on the market, the likelihood also can be in if 7nm EPYC is lucky 2019 that time paragraph release. As to processor of series of acute dragon Ryzen 3000, guess repeatedly now bad to guess, it is the Taipei computer in next year is exhibited likely on release, a certain time orders second half of the year lift a ban, appear on the market, after all 2000 series just released the acute dragon of 12nm craft April this year.

The still has 7nm GPU progress of fetching attention, GPU needs to upgrade more for photograph comparing CPU, considering the issuance of 7nm GPU time compares 7nm EPYC earlier, so see 7nm Navi shows calorie of issuance possibility or presence first half of the year next year.

Because second half of the year of AMD next year just releases 7nm EPYC processor, the pressure of Intel is a bit some less, the density of EPYC server transistor that did not cross outstanding Fu Rui’s analyst to also mention AMD still compares Intel tall, the ability of density of transistor of 10nm craft chip of Intel reachs the level of AMD 7nm craft, but latter wants when ability of next year bottom moves in the part on processor first hair, use to processor of server, desktop to want truly 2020, still lag behind than AMD large half an year arrives one year time.




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