SamSung is grinding to send full frame sensor or will be sold formally at next year

The product of full frame only report that can roll out a banner to fall one after another as Ni Kang and beautiful, it seems that the trend that full frame only report will lead future. Have Suo Ni only in the past a manufacturer tries hard on direction here, and beautiful can, of Ni Kang join, regular meeting is the power with its infuse new more. Recently, according to the makings exposing to the sun of an user in Korea forum, samSung company is studying the COMS sensor that sends a full frame, and had entered the product trial-produce phase before formal put into production at present.

SamSung is grinding to send full frame sensor or will be sold formally at next year

It is reported sensor of CMOS of this full frame or will be produced at beginning a quantity next year and carry past Japan is sold, although material client information is not witting, but material exposing to the sun states SamSung hopes to supply these sensor more manufacturers, the hope breaks Suo Ni to offer the monopoly position that goods domain comes to for years in sensor.

To the benign competition of the manufacturer, we support gay attitude of course as consumer, at present nevertheless this one message still belongs to a hearsay, whether had developed a success really as to SamSung and plan a quantity to produce, actual condition is current we return unknown, to this we also will pay close attention to continuously, hope SamSung in sensor quality and price two respects can bring us the surprise.

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