Round enlarge of 8 inches of brilliant produces a plan to fear stricken, the world is advanced 3 plant area because power cut shutdown

On September 13 before dawn, area of garden of Chinese Taiwan double north, peach comes out power cut message, in plant area of garden of advanced peach of nectarine garden refinery, world also suffers an effect and shutdown.

The discovery after check of Taiwan power company is peach garden some is special malfunction of the equipment inside high-pressured user factory, cause pelter of voltage of system of adjacent transmit electricity and world of power cut; is advanced pointing to continuously in major news announcement is South Asia circuit board bright and beautiful promote be caused by of power cut of plant area happening.

Check of Taiwan power company jumps the discovery after electric reason, before dawn 12:37, peach garden area has a certain special high-pressured user (the transformer breakdown that 161kV) connects appearance reachs protective power station, cause systematic instant tripping operation, make systematic voltage pelter. Taiwan power company shows, when systematic voltage pelter, the wiring with more acute user may automatic tripping operation, new start, but voltage returns to normal quickly after pelter already.

Round enlarge of 8 inches of brilliant produces a plan to fear stricken, the world is advanced 3 plant area because power cut shutdown

Taiwan power company shows, cause user inconvenience quite feel sorry, but because be not power cut, so hard statistic affects a number. Who is the big user as to cause an accident, power company points out Taiwan to already proved this user identity, but because the industry is special, name of the person that cannot publish course of study, also be with reason of manage clear accident first at present first, of short duration does not discuss chase after duty reach compensatory issue.

Although Taiwan power company does not wish to disclose cause trouble user, but the world is advanced in the major news announcement that issues this morning, because of,pointing to continuously is South Asia circuit board bright and beautiful encourage power cut of plant area happening, bring about the world advanced in the brilliant circle that is the same as plant area 3 factories suffer affect. As we have learned, the victim that causes power failure is South Asia circuit really, because equipment malfunction causes follow-up effect.

Current, the world is advanced round factories of 3 8 inches of brilliant are produced per month can be in 19.5 to 205 thousand between, constitute metabolic change along with the product. With 2 factories reach circle of brilliant of the 1st season this year 3 factories year long, produce per month can decrease to look to 187 thousand, break electric certainly will to affect this season to produce can affect this season battalion to receive money to measure a target then, originally the way says to meet beforehand this season battalion receives estimate 7.6 billion to money of 8 billion yuan of new stations, will relatively growing 8~13% of the 2nd season, also fear be affected.

The world is advanced make a statement now express, company already collectivity arouses, circumstance of job of check machine station, have go back to work in the round. The brilliant that is affected this is round 3 factories, the room that do not have dirt also had undertaken scattered, advanced to the world to this incident the effect that cause still is in in evaluating.

Before this, the report points out, the world is advanced and indebted at the brilliant circle such as MOSFET and IGBT acting labour order reachs the designated position, add the order such as IC of IC of face plate drive, dactylogram identifying IC, power source management to turn continuously strong, second half of the year is produced can demand exceeds supply, produce can utilization rate will develop on 103 ~ 106% .

Moreover, round acting labour produces 8 inches of any crystalline substance since this year can demand exceeds supply continuously, include a stage to accumulate report, couplet report, world advanced etc produce can be fully loaded with, add silicon brilliant circle to rise in price brought cost pressure, case of acting labor cost of circle of 8 inches of brilliant lasts bullish.

As we have learned, produce next year to ensure can, international IDM big plant already in succession as advanced as the world negotiate next year first half of the year order, equipment manufacturer beforehand appraise, world advanced next year is produced first half of the year still can meet maintain be fully loaded with, produce can utilization rate will still exceed 100% .

For this, the world is advanced connect past bottleneck to change promotion to produce continuously can, produce always this year can can amount to 2.392 million, below the banner 3 factories are undertaking dirt room is built notting have, predict to be able to increase 2.5 ~ acting labour of circles of 30 thousand 8 inches of brilliant is produced can.

And this of because of power cut shutdown is the world’s advanced and subordinate 3 factories, this second power cut or reach the influence the world advanced and existing produce can and the extend plan that having.

Nevertheless, organic also compose anticipates before this, round acting labour produces 8 inches of any crystalline substance can utilization rate may appear become loose, utilization rate of the 4th season the 100% above from in the past, slide 95% to 100% , utilization rate of the 1st season may be next year lower. Global semiconductor grows also hasten delay, will grow this year 14% , will grow only next year 0% to 5% .

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