Plan of ESIM of meaning law semiconductor passes GSMA attestation

Meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, ST) is promoting action network quickly, additional the couplet network world with its more convenience, safer front develops, become the first to pass GSMA association attestation, permissive in embedded the ESIM manufacturer that certificate and operation business install to configure a file to wait for join proof beforehand before SIM(eSIM) chip leaves factory.

Meaning law semiconductor

Change ESIM to carry the guest of join proof to make beforehand only, over all dimension is smaller, and security and flexibility are taller. Its use chip class to enclose, permanent and built-in, not only OK and new programming, return the interior space of OK and economic intelligence mobile phone, will add the function of the mobile phone or batteries expansion with saving a space further, still can use at developing all sorts of careful couplet net device at the same time, contented market and the intelligent watch that apply limits to expand ceaselessly and content couplet net (the demand of IoT) equipment, include intelligent ammeter, long-range sensor or way to do sth implement etc.

ESIM can simplify supply catenary, economic substance to shed defray, shorten appear on the market time, for battalion of network of original equipment manufacturer, action motion business is mixed SIM operating system (OS) business brings taller advantage gender, economic benefits and management efficiency.

Marie-France Florentin of department general manager shows vice president of branch of meaning law semiconductor and safe small controller, ESIM is the progress of a main technique, it but surely the couplet network world that compose builds future. The ESIM of GSMA makes the key that planning with personification attestation is ESIM success. Now, ST has obtained the production of ESIMs and attestation of service of the personification before leaving factory, this will promote whole the efficiency that supplies chain and security, and the client can be benefited from which, all safeguard that obtain GSMA ecosystem and assure.

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