NXP announces to buy technology of car aether net to serve business OmniPHY

Car semiconductor supplierNXP(favour wisdom riverside) SEMICONDUCTORS NV announces formally to buy OmniPHY of supplier of technology of system of car aether net, predict to should trade the “ that will make car aether net is one-stop service ” .

Too net technology serves business OmniPHY

According to the view of favour wisdom riverside, buy this will conduce to drive its to drive automatically to be driven with car network, omniPHY especially dedicated at car aether net, can come true to drive automatically wants fast number is defeated as it is said.

Favour wisdom riverside and OmniPHY cooperate, had begun to translate 1000BASE-T1 aether net for car domain, this company shows, buy this will make its can offer data of ” of the generation below “ to transmit a solution for car manufacturer.

Business of car of Strategy Analytics whole world carries out trustee Ian Riches to express: “ drives automatically a when the times is faced with thorny issue is how to transmit a car as soon as possible relevant data. To 2020, photograph the amount of high speed link that will make a car medium with indication screen like the head to increase 150 million, and to 2030, drive automatically the amount of high speed link in car system rises violent wind reach 1.1 billion. ”

As drive automatically ecosystem is satisfied hard new occurrence automobile data requirement, a lot of manufacturer begin to use company network solution to regard as temporarily measure undertakes functional sex checks. But, long-term solution achieves the requirement the car to use level, and dimension and weight need are contented facilitate carry out this one requirement.

And the car that OmniPHY has begun to offer 1000BASE-T1 for car domain uses aether net technology, through buying OmniPHY, favour wisdom riverside holds the field that develops quickly in this the position that hold the balance.

It is reported, omniPHY is the pioneer of domain of IP of speedster aether net, have the 100BASE-T1 that accords with car standard and 1000BASE-T1 standard IP. In the development course that is as long as 6 years, omniPHY and the consumable company with a few the biggest whole worlds cooperate, for rising market development goes the “1st-silicon-right” solution of rich competition ability, be like car and industrial aether net. What the car product combination of the interface IP of OmniPHY and communication technology and favour wisdom riverside will make car aether net is one-stop solution. The technical synergism of two companies will be designed around the 1.25-28Gbps PHY in high flow reach 10- , 100- and 1000BASE-T1 aether net and spread out.

Ritesh Saraf of OmniPHY presiding apparitor expresses: “ is very glad to can join favour wisdom riverside, favour wisdom riverside is the leader of car electron domain, we the joint efforts, driving automatically anticipate opportunity is grabbed in revolution, help people change way of life thoroughly. Pass the couple in group and technical level, we will be accelerated and boost car aether net the consign of the solution, offer the world for the client technology of top-ranking innovation of net of aether of high quality car. ”

Solution vice-president holds net of aether of car of favour wisdom riverside concurrently general manager Alexander E.Tan expresses: “ the rich experience that we carry network market to have in the car and the lead position in CAN, LIN and FlexRay respect make we have original opinion in car network domain. And the group of OmniPHY is mixed technical criterion fill we combine medium blank in product of tall bandwidth network. ”


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