Next year and even in the near future IPhone processor only generation of stage accumulating electricity is versed in

Say according to industry analyst, be in at least future inside two years, stage accumulating report will still be malic company (the sole supplier of the processor of “A series ” that place of ”)iPhone of apple of “ of the following abbreviation uses.

The stage accumulates report

Market analyst Bright · Xin Pusen (Brett Simpson) was accepting a few days ago when interviewing, say: “ wants a stage to accumulate report to be able to offer a few new technologies every year only, continue to make sure fine is tasted rate, can continue to become the sole supplier of A series processor in the near future. ”

Since 2016, stage accumulating report is the sole supplier of processor of ” of malic “A series all the time, offer A10 Fusion processor for IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus, offer A11 Bionic processor for IPhone 8, IPhone 8 Plus and IPhone X.

There already was a report to say before, the stage accumulates report this year will still be the sole supplier of the A12 processor that 2018 IPhone place use. Look nowadays, the A13 processor that 2019 IPhone place use also will continue to accumulate report to offer money solely by the stage.

Without doubt, to SamSung character this is a bad news undoubtedly. Because the report said this year in June, samSung is trying hard, the acting labour order that partial A13 processor recaptures in hoping to be able to accumulate electric hand from the stage 2019. Message personage discloses, to achieve this one goal, samSung develops InFO to enclose a technology in “ main ” , claim to using 7 offer rice pole ultraviolet light engraves craft to produce chip field high-ranking military officer to accumulate report at the stage first.

To attract a client, samSung nots hesitate even extremely will ultraviolet quote of photoetching craft order is reduced 20% . But regretful is, this did not get the positive feedback of potential client. The report says, the reason may depend on 7 accept the quality that rice pole ultraviolet light engraves craft and risk of percent of pass, because the stage is accumulated,such trouble was encountered before report. Accordingly, stage accumulating report should be in possibly next year or the ability when producing chip of craft of 5 accept rice will be overall conformity pole ultraviolet light engraves craft.

What stage accumulating report uses when processor of acting labour A10 is 16 accept rice workmanship, what processor of acting labour A11 uses is technology of 10 accept rice, processor of A12 of acting this year labour predicts to use technology of 7 accept rice, and predict to use technology of 7 accept rice when processor of acting labour A13 next year + extremely ultraviolet photoetching craft.


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