Millet is pushed in India use couplet to send division chip mobile phone, conduce promotes the market portion

After establishing a letter to sue millet because of patent tort from the love end 2014, millet is prohibited using couplet to send the mobile phone of division chip in Indian market sale all the time, the red rice that 4 years of time lay between to its obtained a court to permit and already rolled out two to use couplet to deliver division chip when nowadays 6 with mobile phone of red rice 6A, this compares the sexual price that conduces to millet developing its mobile telephone the dominant position, promote the market portion.

Millet ever sufferred a setback in Indian market

Millet began to sell a mobile phone in Indian market in July 2014, to of the same age four quarters make share of Indian smartphone market namely the 5th, after subsequently nevertheless love establishs a letter to sue millet because of patent tort, the patent accredit that have the aid of connects high is able to continue to use the mobile phone that connects chip high in Indian market sale, and the mobile phone that uses couplet to deliver division chip continues to be prohibited selling up to now.

Suffer this effect, millet measured occurrence backwater in the smartphone shipment of Indian market 2015, even quarterly sales volume drops broken 1 million, this caused blow to millet. Millet is about to grow through extending overseas market to maintain high speed at that time, and the bridgehead that Indian market is millet development international market, also be the market that its overseas market acquires best achievement.

Subsequently millet is in with Fuji health collaboration established a manufactory in India 2015, produce the support that strives for India through supporting India, the mobile telephone that millet made the first times in India in July 2015 is rolled out, to 2016 shipment of its mobile phone measures 2 quarters to begin to grow again in Indian market, the four seasons was spent 2016 millet and associate share of market of paratactic India smartphone the 3rd.

Millet began to enter the level that high speed increases in Indian smartphone market 2017, 2017 3 quarters with lagging behind only SamSung 0. 5 percent rank share of Indian smartphone market the 2nd, the four seasons was spent 2017 again share of market of smartphone of advance body India the first.

Use couplet to send division chip to conduce to promotion market share

What millet caused SamSung in the rise of Indian market is intense strike back, begin SamSung to roll out many low end in Indian market this year series of mobile phone Galaxy J, galaxy J6 more rank smartphone of Indian sell like hot cakes the 3rd, by right of many low end the SamSung of sell like hot cakes of the mobile phone is in 2 quarters seized share of Indian smartphone market again this year the first.

Face SamSung strike back, the competition ability that millet wants to enhance his is in with respect to need in low end the market takes out the mobile phone pattern that has competition ability more, and sexual price is compared is the key that millet gains competitive advantage in Indian smartphone market all the time, use couplet to send division chip just to be able to promote the sex of the mobile phone valence comparing.

The chip that place of millet mobile phone uses basically is the chip that connects high, it is the chip of couplet hair division next. The chip that connects high is in function aspect is stronger, the price is higher also nevertheless, still need to pay taller patent fee at the same time, this created greater pressure to the millet of low cost operation, current and homebred mobile phone 4 strong in the center the lowest of net profit margin of millet mobile phone, should promoting sexual price chip of smaller than using the price couplet hair division further is better choice undoubtedly.

Although couplet hair division is expensive for the whole world industry of chip of the 2nd old mobile phone, nevertheless it is inferior to be being connected high in technical respect, for example its supported respect of base band of LTE Cat7 technology to lag behind at homebred chip industry to exhibit dispatch even in research and development 2016 (integrated already nowadays exhibit vigor for violet light) , and connect the base band that already rolled out technology of supportive LTE Cat12 at that time high, what go up in the technology is backward high-end chip market already abandoned temporarily before bringing about couplet to send headings in an account book, and in main attack low end chip market, in wanting to be in low end on market of mobile phone chip with connect competition high, the price becomes couplet to send the main competition measure of the division, this also is the reason that attracts enterprise of homebred mobile phone to be willing to use the couplet with inferior function to deliver division chip.

After 4 years are being lain between when nowadays, when the lawsuit that loves to establish letter and millet already neared an end it seems that, although both sides gives out the view differs somewhat, nevertheless Indian court respect already saw the prohibition that sells the mobile phone that uses couplet to deliver division chip in India besides millet, provided a help for position of first of millet and share of market of smartphone of SamSung competition India.

In India low end competition of mobile phone market is intense, brand of Chinese mobile phone besides millet, honor of valence comparing brand also is in the sex below Hua Weiqi to Indian market was entered by last year and carry off first first quarter this year share of Indian smartphone market the 5th, OPPO also is in 2 quarters rolled out sexual price to compare brand Realme this year, after millet opens carry out to use couplet to send the mobile phone of division chip, future of brand of machine of the national champion in predicting these also will use couplet to send division chip to roll out more sex price compare mobile phone pattern, this to SamSung it is a kind of pressure.


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