Maxim batteries monitors IC to be used by electric car of newest generation Nissan LEAF

The technology that Maxim accords with ASIL D standard can enhance the communication performance of group of lithium ion batteries, reduce cost at the same time

Maxim Integrated Products, inc (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces ASIL D of its sheet chip the class batteries IC that monitor is discharged 0 rows to move car Nissan LEAF to use by next newest generation. This IC satisfies top safe level to offer comprehensive diagnosis, realize reliable communication thereby and drop segregation material detailed account considerably (the cost of BOM) .

The batteries of Maxim monitors IC to support top safe level, the requirement that accords with ISO 26262 and ASIL D (also apply to ASIL C) . The difference of parts of an apparatus divides general asynchronous receiver / transmitter (UART) uses capacitance segregation, lowered BOM cost and failure rate (FIT) . Agile UART supports the reliable communication below noise environment. Through using Maxim particular chrysanthemum catenary framework and successive approach register (SAR) modulus converter (ADC) , this batteries monitors IC to be able to realize the voltage of fast, high accuracy to measure, and offer taller electromagnetism compatible (EMC) function. The batteries of Maxim monitors IC to still provide comprehensive diagnostic function, infuse of contented big electric current (BCI) requirement, aim to raise the security of prospective car and intelligent sex.

BMS main advantage:

Security: Accord with ISO 26262 and; of standard of odd chip ASIL D to satisfy different BCI to ask; provides comprehensive diagnostic function

Correspond reliably: Offer reliable distributed monitor controller with batteries of collect Chinese style (CMC) framework, the chrysanthemum cable length that takes UART; to support 100m to grow paragraph, gao Kang disturbs sexual; to accord with radiation, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and heat are inserted unplug requirement

Small system cost: Compare with competitive plan photograph, in-house batteries balance and UART can reduce BOM cost; is the supportable capacitance that passes test and verify exclusively at present or the IC that transformer keeps apart


“Maxim takes the research and development of car product seriously very much, our batteries management system received the high opinion of a lot of car manufacturer. Vice president of department of career of ”Maxim car product holds general manager Randall Wollschlager concurrently to express: We believe “ , the batteries of Maxim monitors IC to be used by Nissan LEAF electric car is us what promote car business development continuously is important one pace. ”

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