Lucky Sa, OpenSynergy offers much screen to show cockpit solution for Parrot Faurecia

On September 11, 2018, the supplier of car semiconductor solution with banner whole world company limited of lucky Sa electron and car are embedded OpenSynergy of software market leader announces now, the R-Car H3 of lucky Sa electron piece on system (SoC) already was used by Parrot FaureciaAutomotive company with OpenSynergyCOQOSHypervisorSDK, apply Yujian completely much screen shows cockpit. The client operating system of COQOSHypervisor uses the Android of newest version, the appearance dial function that can execute those who include to be based on Linux to show package related to safety at the same time on chip of a R-Car H3 SoC and the car that are based on Android hold information entertainment system (IVI) . COQOS Hypervisor SDK and Android and Linux operating system share the processing capability of R-Car H3 GPU together, make application can appear to go up in many indication screen, implement powerful and flexible cockpit system thereby.

Frederic Fonsalas of chief inspector of strategy of Parrot FaureciaAutomotive company expresses: System of entertainment of information of the back row before the OpenSynergyHypervisor technology that is based on platform of R-Car H3 of lucky Sa electron is our car was brought security and but expansibility, we use the much screen of this technology first times to show cockpit region controller to cooperate manufacturer of as advanced as Europe car, threw production 2019.
Auspicious Tian Zhishu shows technology of car of ministry of career of solution of car of company limited of lucky Sa electron and vice president of client work department: We are very glad as powerful as OpenSynergy powerful combination, the solution of innovation sex cockpit that develops to be based on Android to realize IVI function. Parrot Faurecia will produce this kind of powerful and flexible Hypervisor system at beginning a quantity 2019, this is sure to give a capacious new scope of operation for new application open up.

The hardware that lucky Sa electron provides and software are fictitious changed plug-in unit to get making full use of on COQOS Hypervisor SDK.
Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut of OpenSynergy presiding apparitor emphasizes: Our bilateral product is ideal match. The crucial function that OpenSynergy solution includes, if share,show, can make many fictitious machine agile, use many indication screen surely. This offerred more alternative for our client, help them accelerate a product to appear on the market time.

The car R-Car H3 SoC of lucky Sa electron provided optimal function and performance for compositive type cockpit and couplet net car. R-Car H3 GPU and video / frequency IP was united in wedlock fictitious change a function, can come true through program of fictitious machine government fictitious change, support many operating systems to move surely independently.

Of OpenSynergy newest and fictitious change technical COQOS Hypervisor SDK to manage order form to build around safe and efficient fictitious aircraft, operating system of fortune travel multipurpose can is the same as on a SoC (like compatible software of Linux or Android) and RTOS and AUTOSAR. It uses R-Car H3 fictitious the performance that turns a function to release R-Car H3 SoC adequately offers high reliability.

The appearance dial work that needs high reliability moves through Linux. Although Linux is the good operating system of appearance dial, but the security that itself cannot provide place to need (ASIL) level. Accordingly, openSynergy developed Safe IC Guard to serve as safe mechanism. It moves on separate client operating system, meet undertake test and verify to showing the information related to safety whether correctly.

IVI function moves on operating system of tripartite client, what use this is Android. The Android that COQOS Hypervisor SDK had assembled newest version beforehand (include Android P) had a test.

The COQOS Hypervisor SDK of OpenSynergy allows to many operating systems use R-Car H3 GPU at the same time and won’t be disturbed, can visit many indication screen. The IVI application program that runs on Android and the dashboard that move on Linux can be shared same an indication screen. Indication screen manages implement will control dashboard inside share indication screen, ensure corresponding image content won’t the safe information of cover key. COQOS Hypervisor SDK still includes a CAN gateway that accords with AUTOSAR standard, can move on the ArmCortex-R7 nucleus on R-Car H3 of lucky Sa electron, come true to be not had with what the car carries a network thereby seam join.

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