Low-key chip company: Year shipment is 300 million China for 3 times, the king of function

Speak of chip, everybody familiar to the ear can of detailed is to be connected high, couplet hair division, Hua Weiqi Lin, SamSung is waited a moment, especially the closest kylin 980 after releasing, everybody mentioned the chip of Hua Weiqi Lin an unprecedented height.

Do chip to start to of course just the company of 10 the coming year, can reach this level, be worth compatriots really pride and proud, said kylin again 980 itself are not poor also, enough and connect high, these chip ace pull SamSung artifice.

Low-key chip company: Year shipment is 300 million China for 3 times, the king of function

But release as new fund IPhone, eventually this one low-key chip company rises to surface again, it just is true low-key, all along not with chip company pose as, also do not boast, but the chip that should know him a year of shipment is close 300 million, in mobile phone and flat this moves terminal market, hold the share of 22% , rank whole world the 2nd, and be being connected high is about 41% , china for only the portion of 8% , can discharge only the 5th, it is 3 times be volume of shipment of Hua Weiqi Lin it is thus clear that.

The chip that more arrogant is this company considers performance is the whole world really the 1st, turn up one’s nose at a large number of heroes, connect high even, the chip function with newest kylin joins each other the chip function last year be not a patch on, this company is an apple.

The chip that releases this is A12, the chip that released last year is A11, from run in light of cent, connect high 845, kylin 980 connect A11 really be not a patch on, of course more A12 of be not a patch on.

And apple also all along not with chip company pose as, boast oneself are mobile phone company all the time, chip just adds article, on the news briefing of all mobile phone before, introductory chip is very simple, number is disinclined even core to introduce, just be formal first time this to introduce A12 chip, the “ that just considers reluctance serious walks along core ” bout.

Low-key chip company: Year shipment is 300 million China for 3 times, the king of function

IPhone altogether sold last year give 230 million, and IPad sells give many 4000, these equipment are the chip of use A series, and considering actually still a few mobile phones had been produced but did not sell go out, one year so shipment is installed machine 300 million chip are problem of it doesn’t matter, one year outfit machine does not exceed chip of Hua Weiqi Lin 100 million.

At the same time the apple never also boasts to his chip, never also say to who compare strong, than who good, who does the second kill, just say this is industry this only the chip of the first 7nm, be disinclined to introduce before too much.

Visible apple just is real low-key chip company, it is really low-key costly.

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