Intel is infrequent ask a stage to accumulate processor of PC of electric acting industry, because produce can nervous

According to Taiwan electron communication kind personage of news of trade of 10 days of cite weighs month of website Digitimes 9, the semiconductor product line of Intel company interior is in respect of production of chip of 14 accept rice appeared to produce can nervous, intel prepares to use the product that shows some yield to be able to produce tall wool interest rate centrally, for instance server processor is mixed other chip set. The production business of the H310 processor that Intel prepares an introductory form and processor of computer of 300 series table entrusts a stage to accumulate report to finish.

Stage accumulating report is the semiconductor with the greatest whole world acting industry business, this company also is the contriver of mode of industry and commerce of semiconductor pure generation, in global chip at present acting labor market held the market share of the half. Among them, malic company’s well-known A series also should entrust an a future life of the company that accumulate report to produce with processor.

The stage accumulates report to take the half of country of share of market of market of global chip acting labor

Trade news personage says, with production demand bearing is compared, intel company of product line of chip of 14 accept rice produce can be in short supply 50% . Because Intel is already unlikely to continue to build product line of semiconductor of 14 accept rice, because this commends outside company,acting labour is become exclusive the rightest choice.

” of rice of afore-mentioned “ accept, the line that those who point to is semiconductor is broad, chip line is broad narrower, the compositive transistor on unit area chip is more also, chip processing function is more powerful, can effect is taller also.

Say according to message personage, before the stage amasses electric company, had been versed in for Intel company generation partial chip, for instance the chip of mobile phone system of SoFIA series and FPGA chip. Additionally stage accumulating report also produces the base band processor that uses in malic mobile phone for Intel (MODEM) .

Well-known is, in domain of processor of global personal computer, intel has absolutely dominant sex advantage. According to the report, chip of 14 accept rice produces Intel can insufficient, also will give personal computer advocate board the manufacturer brings a few influences, but this year the end of the year, the influence will alleviate stage by stage.

The market observes the personage points out, production of chip of 14 accept rice produces the Intel company can insufficient, the product line of 10 accept rice that the reason is this company planned to appear to adjourn. The earliest, intel ever planned to used craft of 10 accept rice to produce Cannon Lake processor 2016, but be forced to defer later. The result jumps ticket 3 years, because fine tastes rate issue, massive amount produces 10nm technology remit to 2019.

Intel is infrequent ask a stage to accumulate processor of PC of electric acting industry, because produce can nervous

As to jump ticket reason, basically be freeboard of density of transistor of Intel 10nm craft as we have learned, need uses multiple exposure technology, partial time must be used fourfold, fivefold and even it is 6 heavy exposure, this brings about lengthen of pull current Cheng, cost to add tall, fine is tasted rate is very difficult also carry.

Additional, the deep ultraviolet light that Intel 10nm depends on a tradition completely still is engraved (DUV) , stimulate smooth wavelengh 193nm, next generation 7nm just can be on partial level use extremely ultraviolet photoetching (EUV) , laser wavelengh shortens 13.5nm, because of this engineers must cudgel one’s brains for, mining has total latent capacity of the technology.

In the past in a few years of time, intel and Microsoft two big tycoons advocate palm the technical gradual progress of personal computer times. In PC processor respect, the pattern of technical gradual progress that Intel takes “Tick-Tock” all the time (also be called “ craft year – framework year ” mode) , namely after the computer processor small framework of every time upgrades, intel will use a line wide narrower semiconductor design and workmanship, nevertheless course of such technical gradual progress appeared to put the sign of delay 2014.

A few markets observe the personage points out, on Intel company history, craft of 14 accept rice has been become most the workmanship of “ macrobian ” .

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