Instrument of R&S CMW100 wireless communication supports the mass production of 5G NR equipment

As already a the most successful wireless communication instrument of put on sale is familial, instrument of R&S CMW100 wireless communication has high flexibility and tall test rate, it is the good solution of environment of big batch production.

The development of 5G network can use those who include Sub-6 GHz inside wider frequency paragraph. Device of production test of R&S CMW100 communication showed Lord and Shiwaci support 5G NR Sub-6 GHz and aid force to quicken 5G the ability of ecosystem.

Instrument of R&S CMW100 wireless communication supports the mass production of 5G NR equipment

For test and etc of mobile telephone of test and verify wireless equipment and design, r&S CMW100 supports carrier wave frequency to be as high as 6 GHz and the radio frequency bandwidth that are as high as 160 MHz, exceeded each carrier wave that at present standard of 5G NR 3GPP sets not to exceed the requirement of 100 MHz. Satisfy the expectation of high handling capacity, r&S CMW100 can run paralell the test is amounted to 8 antenna and / or equipment, it is full automatic the ideal option that mechanization product line uses.

The method that supports all sorts of reducing to check time and the biggest change produce can utilization rate, r&S CMW100 is offerred tall measure precision and performance. Test equipment is OK perpendicular or horizontal installation, its open mode framework is OK and fast compositive and newest computer science and technology. Its dustproof crust assured high dependability, the design of calm fan came true quiet and cleaner move.

Besides equipment of Sub-6 GHz 5G NR, this kind of flexible test program still applies to other wireless levels, those who support a tradition is wireless receive a technology, be like GSM, WCDMA, and LTE, WLAN and blue tooth. This makes R&S CMW100 makes beehive and blame a honeycomb-like thing equipment of wireless join sex makes in blame letter mode (analyzer / generator) the has cost effectiveness plan of the mass production of next calibration and test and verify. The manufacturer that holds terminal and facility is used in equipment only, groom and get used to the investment on cost can from numerous the benefit in measuring a function.

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