Imitate chip is added fast surmount 8 Cun Jing help sb to attain his aim to be its one of driving force of Gao Jing bearing

Imitate chip regards an electron as the main component of the product, its demand expands as the rapid development of product of of all kinds electron ceaselessly. Imitate product lifecycle can be as long as 10 years, have “ one year number, the view of ” of 10 years of imitate. Imitate chip market suffers single industry boom not easily fluctuant influence, because this price wave motion is far the change that waits for digital chip without circuit of memory chip and logic is big, extent of market wave motion is relatively lesser. Be regarded as the barometer of electronic industry normally, represented the development state of whole market basically. According to WSTS statistic, sale of global imitate IC was 52.7 billion U.S. dollor 2017, occupy semiconductor about 12.8% of overall dimensions.

Forecast according to ICInsights, in future inside 5 years, the sale of imitate chip predicts to will be in market of fractionize of main integrated circuit growth is most driving, grow quickly with year of compound increase rate of 6.6% . Predict 2022, dimensions of market of global imitate chip can reach 74.8 billion dollar. Imitate chip is the main product category with the rapiddest growth in forecasting, power source manages IC, the driving sale of special imitate chip and signal converter component predicts to will become the main impetus that 5 years imitate rises tomorrow.

Imitate chip is added fast surmount 8 Cun Jing help sb to attain his aim to be its one of driving force of Gao Jing bearing

The component such as equipment of imitate of power source management conduces to adjust electric power uses a case, run temperature in order to carry equipment inferior, conduce to finally extend mobile phone and other shift / the battery life of batteries power supply system. Power source management is the sort with the largest portion in imitate chip, occupy about 53% . Market of power source government rose 12% 2017, predict 2018 4 percent come growth slow down 8% .

As content couplet net, new energy resources, artificial intelligence, new energy resources car and drive automatically the ceaseless emerge in large numbers that waits for a domain is imitate chip design to bring persistent driving demand. Car die for special purpose drafted the market to predict to will grow 15% 2018

Imitate chip is added fast surmount 8 Cun Jing help sb to attain his aim to be its one of driving force of Gao Jing bearing

Communication and consumptive application remain signal to change the applied market with imitate the biggest chip. Predicting future has 3 years of signal to change parts of an apparatus in 5 years (parts of an apparatus of modulus converter, mixture signal) the market will continue the rate with two digit rises quickly. According to IC Insights data, before imitate market 10 IC supplier held global sale 2017 59% it is 32.3 billion dollar roughly. relatively the sale 2016 is 28.4 billion dollar, grow 14% compared to the same period, market share grows 2 percent. The increase rate of market of overall 2017 imitate that there are 8 in before 10 suppliers exceeds 10% .

Predict according to IC Insights, compound increase rate is dimensions of market of imitate chip 2017-2022 about 6.6% . According to SEMI data, 23% what imitate core film contract occupies circle of 8 inches of brilliant to apply. And according to Gartner data, as a result of circle of 8 inches of brilliant facilities is in short supply, circle of 8 inches of brilliant produces the whole world can increase rate is 1-2% only. Accordingly, we can conclude, power source of benefit from benefit from manages the drive with car electron, of imitate chip add fast more than 8 Cun Jing circles are produced can add fast, make circle of 8 inches of brilliant thereby one of driving force of industrial catenary tall boom.

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