How is processor of Hua Weiqi Lin to enter rank?

On August 31, china to released new generation kylin 980 processor, initiated 6 worlds the first, also be current the most powerful homebred processor, integral performance is connecting brave dragon high 845 over.

Of the delegate that kylin CPU regards homebred CPU as make, had been close to more and more overtake advanced technology mixes international even level. Today, let us see its the brigade that function rank jumps.

Kylin 950→ kylin 955

Possess 8 core (A72+A53+i5 coprocessor) , it is to be based on craft of 16 accept rice to make, no matter network mode of support still is compositive GPU(Mali-880 MP4) ,be exactly like. The difference has a bit only is then advocate frequency. Kylin 955 will former 950 on big nucleus 2.3GHz advocate frequency promotion comes 2.5GHz, performance will be a bit stronger, but very won’t big.

Kylin 955→ kylin 960

Hua Weiqi Lin 955, used Big.LITTLE framework of 8 nucleuses asynchronous, include 4 A72 high-powered big nucleus, advocate frequency is 2.5GHz, can exceed frequency to come 2.8GHz; is adscititious coprocessor of 4 A53 low power comsumption, advocate frequency is 1.8GHz; in addition still supplied a chip of sole I5 of low power comsumption. When practical experience, can apply setting to allocate CPU core switch and frequency automatically according to different bear.

Kylin 960 possess 8 core, among them 4 big core are A73 framework, this also is business uses A73 first with processor this newest framework, 4 small core still are A53 framework. GPU sea thinks of kylin 960 used newest Mali-G71 MP8, compare Yu Qilin 950, 955 use Mali-T880MP4 GPU property rose 180% .

How is processor of Hua Weiqi Lin to enter rank?

1.CPU respect

Kylin of 960 equipment A73 big nucleuses advocate frequency is 2.4GHz, kylin the 955 A72 big nucleuses that deployed 2.5Ghz, although advocate frequency still compares A72 slightly low, but belong to provincial edition, meeting appreciably promotes property. Simple for, in CPU respect, kylin 960 Xiang Biqi Lin 955 basically be small promotion.

Side of 2.GPU graph performance

Mali-G71 MP8 maintains 900MHz frequency, although mix the T880 MP4 frequency of 955 is same, but because of core number increases, the framework is brand-new upgrade (code name Bifrost) , realized a graph to handle function the violent wind of 180% rises, can effect promotes 20% .

3. memory respect

960 memory begin kylin supportive LPDDR4-1800, faster than the LPDDR4-1333 speed of 955, memory frequency of support is taller.

Kylin 970→ kylin 980

Kylin 970 in sheet set a special AI hardware to handle unit, decrease for the framework such as CPU, GPU negative, the purpose is to raise application efficiency is mixed reduce specific power consumption.

Kylin 970 still inside buy 8 nucleuses CPU, with on 960 photographs compare generation kylin without any change. On GPU, kylin used the Mali-G72 framework of ARM 970 times, function relatively Mali-G71 promotes somewhat, in addition, on core number, kylin the GPU of 970 also the 8 nucleuses of 960 increase Cong Qilin to 12 nucleuses

Kylin 970 use Cheng of 10 pay the metric system.

Kylin the 980 different compose frameworks that designed whole system confluence to optimize at CPU, GPU, NPU, ISP, DDR, in CPU respect, kylin 980 realize the development business that is based on Cortex-A76 to use first in the whole world, with on generation photograph compares odd nucleus function to promote 75% , can effect promotes 58% . Not only such, kylin 980 inside buy head business uses Mali-G76 GPU, generation photograph promotes than function on 46% , can effect promotes 178% . And a place of strategic importance on the measure that the craft of 7nm allows fingernail size entered 6.9 billion transistor.

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