Homebred change speed to accelerate how to prevent an enterprise to set foot on ” core ” journey

On September 5, 2018, to fulfil ” new generation artificial intelligence develops a program ” , ministry of our country science and technology plans to start project of ” of artificial intelligence of new generation of 2030—“ of innovation of executive science and technology, from technology of key of artificial intelligence, core and intelligent chip 3 direction deploy is carried out.

It is reported, china has made the whole world the biggest semiconductor sells the market, 2018 first half of the year sale 76.74 billion dollar, the whole world is occupied than achieving 34% , however domestic company market is had rate is very low however, the huge gap of wastage and self-sufficient rate, make chip of our country high end relies on an entrance. Accordingly, the country published multinomial policy to develop in order to promote chip of homebred high end. For example, rose 2014, chip research and development comes with respect to promotion national strategy height, established fund of estate of national integrated circuit, end by 2017, in all contributive 81.8 billion yuan of; ” industry of national integrated circuit advances compendium ” put forward, strive for achieved international 2030 advanced level, implementation spans type develops.

What to prevent AI chip to be brought to the industry?

As AI chip more and more the heat that makes bound of science and technology and society, how does AI prevent chip to also get attention fully. AI prevents chip to distributing extensively to defend each link of the industry at installing, acting core part, how to prevent an industry to develop a network from imitate and number high-definition, and even at current artificial intelligence, without one exception the progress of technology of profit from chip.

Homebred change speed to accelerate how to prevent an enterprise to set foot on " core " journey

Current, how to prevent AI chip to basically be used at video monitoring domain. Video monitoring industry is in experienced “ high-definition change ” , “ network ” twice after replacement, as the breakthrough that how prevents AI chip technology to analyse a domain in video, already open “ intelligence spends ” period. In this one domain, how to prevent AI chip according to lade means cent is two kinds: It is front plan, be about to chip lades directly photograph in resembling a head, undertake to video data real time structuralization is handled, company of the gold in occupying predicts, application photographs the chip market dimensions that resembles a head at front the 330 million dollar from 2017, growth comes the; of 1.8 billion dollar 2022 2 it is back end plan, put chip server of park back end, data of translate into structuralization sheds video in this locality, can save space of high in the clouds effectively.

How to prevent company performance to highlight

Current, our country mainland installs those who prevent business research and development how to prevent AI chip to basically be centered at IPC SoC and FPGA two respects.

1, IPC SoC

SoC is taller to technology and capital requirement, this kind of company needs to need to have certain financing specified amount to spend normally with technical camp. In this one domain, hua Weihai is thought of in deep ploughing of video chip domain old, market share achieves 70% above, hold oligarch position. Its product covers the many fields such as network of wireless network, firm and digital media. Price of excellent technical actual strength, tall sex is compared, the product that perfect form a complete set takes make sure to get large quantities of installing to prevent equipment manufacturer to use the sea to think of. The sea is thought of inspect with Haikangwei not only, big China share, etc large how to prevent an enterprise to maintain old clasp, in Taiwan, the chip industry such as Korea developeds the area also held huge market share.

Think of besides Hua Weihai, the Fu Han that Hai Kangwei inspects investment is small notable also. Fu Han is small go to business emphasis move how to prevent chip of video monitoring camera since 2011, its key product includes high-powered video to make up decipher SoC and chip of picture signal processor, how to prevent a trade at present Haikangwei inspects two big tycoons, big China share all is its key client.

In addition, also collected horizontal, Yun Tianli to fly on market of IPC SoC chip etc those who be a delegate is famous how to prevent a company, on market of IPC SoC chip already the tycoon gathers.


Of FPGA but process designing sex makes software and terminal apply a company to be able to revise a solution neatly according to algorithm, develop as big data and calculate force promotion, how do a lot of parvenus prevent a company to be cut with FPGA how to prevent AI chip domain. Current, science and technology of deep ancient bronze mirror, luck ever announced to have the AI chip that is based on FPGA to develop ability for the company such as intelligence.

The way that science and technology of deep ancient bronze mirror cuts AI+ how to prevent a trade includes front already embedded photograph like the head, also include back end data processing. Deep ancient bronze mirror offers at present how to defend chip standard the person is embedded inside the meeting on the group the reference such as structuralization of facial identifying, video is algorithmic.

Luck made the AI chip that is based on FPGA early 2015 for intelligence, use at implementing dimensions dealer second year, it is one of AI chip firms that home uses FPGA the earliest to realize technical way, its AI chip can make the image processing of camera reachs every second 25 frame.

Besides, how does home prevent an enterprise to also undertake associated study in the AI chip domain that is based on FPGA with the college. For example, business liquid science and technology ever combined Beijing University to put forward to be based on the fast Winograd algorithm of FPGA, can reduce algorithm considerably complex degree, improve the CNN performance on FPGA.

Epilogue: In light of whole, each enterprise is accelerating chip of the AI that send force, but AI chip dimensions is changed still need time. Although big company take root is deep already, cover all fractionize field impossibly however, accordingly, market of broad terminal AI chip still remains to develop, this also is the opportunity place of enterprise of numerous newly established.

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