Him hatch Jiangsu of stage accumulating report prepares to construct institute of integrated circuit craft

Production Inc. of circuit of Taiwan accumulating body started brilliant circle acting work (Foundry) mode, already became the professional circuit amassing put oneself in another’s position with the greatest whole world to create service company at present. Nowadays, the “ stand that Jiangsu province also thinks to hatch gives him accumulates electric ” .

“ Taiwan labour grinds courtyard in those days hatch gave a stage to accumulate report, we want to innovate through this kind of mode namely industry of development integrated circuit, walk out of a new approach, hatch gives the stage of ourselves to accumulate report. ”8 month 24 days, on the seminar of technology of industry of 2018 integrated circuit that holds in Jiangsu Nantong, hu Yidong of secretary of Party committee of academy of technology of Jiangsu province industry, assistant dean introduced the Jiangsu in preparing to construct at present to save institute of integrated circuit engineering technology (next weighing ” of institute of “ engineering technology) an account of the founding of an institution or the beginning of a project that establish and original intention.

Hu Yidong expresses to reporter of the first finance and economics, at present engineering technology institute builds a few requires conditions, those who include capital, group, site is preliminary choose, moving mechanism, basic frame has been drafted. Can certain engineering technology considers be in where be born inside year this year.

Jiangsu saved the data that semiconductor guild publishs to show this year in March, jiangsu saved integrated circuit industry to sell gross income to be one hundred and sixty-eight billion seven hundred and sixty-eight million yuan 2017, grow 17.82% compared to the same period.

According to data of Chinese semiconductor guild, sale of estate of Chinese integrated circuit was five hundred and forty-one billion one hundred and thirty million yuan 2017. Press this computation, jiangsu saved integrated circuit sale to be occupied in the whole nation 2017 than for 31.19% , hold quite significant position.

However at present, jiangsu province has an in part in the production value of 170 billion is to seal measure value of output, return problem of unbalance of existence industry structure. Data shows, jiangsu saved integrated circuit 2017 in 3 course of study, design line of business is occupied than 18.65% , measure course of study to occupy than 66.59% , apparent lay particular stress on measures employment at sealing.

Hu Yidong expresses, jiangsu province should develop integrated circuit compose to build complete industrial chain, need more the IC that develops front energetically is designed and make an industry, engineering technology institute hopes to build through compose just about 8 inches in try a line to create platform, will drive Jiangsu to save development of integrated circuit estate.

Current, suzhou, Nanjing, there is an advantage each in choosing competition without and other places of stannum, Nantong.

The city that do not have stannum is Jiangsu province even the main city of industry of countrywide integrated circuit, for base of south of national microelectronics property. Without stannum gross of 3 course of study occupied integrated circuit 2017 12.39% of countrywide gross, 50.83% what occupy complete province gross.

Formed basically already without stannum include to design, make, measure, the catenary of relatively complete integrated circuit industry such as material, equipment, seal among them measure industry dimensions row whole nation the 2nd.

Nanjing city is one of base of Information Industry of Chinese main electron, river north new developed area was labelled 2016 industry of provincial integrated circuit grows Jiangsu base.

Stage accumulating report announced 2015 will build round plant of 12 inches of brilliant at developing zone of economy of mouth of riverside of new developed area of Nanjing river north, draw from world each district enterprise of more than 100 integrated circuit settles down river north new developed area, cover circle of chip design, brilliant to make, enclose test, terminal to make wait for industrial catenary to swim up and down entire segment.


Suzhou city belongs to one of cities with better basis of property of domestic integrated circuit likewise, ceng Yin has entered a series of international such as Sa of conductor of Ying Feiling, flying million, AMD, luck big plant. 2016 Suzhou one of before listing production value of countrywide integrated circuit 10 big cities.

“ supports strength now bigger is Suzhou, we 17 institutes have 11 to be in Suzhou, suzhou force is very powerful. ” Hu Yidong expresses to the reporter.

When speaking of Nantong, hu Yidong expresses to the reporter, nantong now also is the town of military importance that Jiangsu saves integrated circuit. The advantage of “ Nantong depends on: On one hand Nantong has a 8 inches old line now, if can use this line, first-rate; On the other hand present land, manpower and social life cost compare Nantong low. In addition the support that sees a government even. ”

Nowadays, the entrance value of our country integrated circuit already exceeded crude oil. According to data of customs total office, our country integrated circuit imports the forehead to already exceeded crude oil 3 years continuously since 2015, and both entrance balance is in every year above of 95 billion dollar.

Current, market of Chinese integrated circuit holds a whole world the portion of 60% . Wait to be in China like Intel, SamSung the market in succession layout. 2014, print and distribute of the State Council ” development of estate of national integrated circuit advances compendium ” , china already also rose development of integrated circuit estate for national strategy. The long triangle that the area of Beijing ferry Ji De that at present main concentration is in industrial position to be core with Beijing, above sea is core, be core with Shenzhen bead trigonometry and wait for those who be core with Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui.

Industry of “ integrated circuit is the most complex industry in modern industry. ” Hu Yidong talks to the reporter, this respect our country is in pursuant condition now, want additional monarch way, take the route of innovation. The honored guest that is attending seminar of technology of industry of 2018 integrated circuit looks, development of estate of Chinese integrated circuit can go a “ probably flexible low cost opens craft institute + the innovation road of ” of demonstrative brilliant round factory.

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