Gaotong releases intelligent hand to express special chip, 3100 odes can install brave dragon eminent watch


Some earlier moment, an investigation report of IDC makes clear, wrist of intelligence of whole world of the 2nd quarter took equipment market to continue to grow 2018, shipment volume is achieved 27.9 million, grew 5.5% last year compared to the same period, among them hand annulus kind the product grows hasten delay, and intelligent hand watch criterion potential is great.


Now, connected a company high to issue the 3100 set of set of chip of its Snapdragon Wear, this is for Anzhuozhi hotshot expresses a product one to measure the chip with custom-built body, aim utmost lengthens batteries life and practical, be about to borrow market of this exciting intelligence watch to warm up.



Well-known, be being connected high is the person that smartphone chip presents as leading role, before intelligent watch is arisen (before 2014) , although there also is mixed intelligent watch product on the market, but the shrink frame that uses An Zhuo mostly, the OS with current neither one and chip standard, include an apple to also be in wait-and-see. Connect high also do not have to this arisen, because tilt to intelligent watch at that time,influence of resources certainly will opens the gain on the smartphone high.



Till March 2014 Gu Ge rolls out Android Wear, back-to-back the apple released generation Apple Watch in September, whole wind direction changed. Gao Tongxi hopes in An Zhuo watch market is held control a position, snapdragon Wear 3100 is the successor of the 2100 model that released in Feburary 2016. Tall led to the market to roll out this one new watch chip series, claim this kind of framework is only can apparel equipment design, and the framework of mobile phone chip that the chip before used miniature edition.


From the point of chip interior, 3100 is having 4 A7 kernel and chip of two 2 class, and the digital signal processor of 5.2x4mm and exceed coprocessor of low power comsumption, still inside buy near field corresponds, contain high-powered arsenic to change the 4G LTE modem of gallium power amplifier, still have the system of new-style report source control that can improve charge efficiency according to saying.



Connect high still will Wear 3100 and 2100 made power comsumption contrast: Reduce below mode of lowermost power comsumption 67% , GPS position communication is reduced 49% , key word is monitored reduce 43% , clock is reduced newlier 35% , MP3 is broadcasted reduce 34% , undertake through blue tooth or Wifi speech inquiry is reduced 13% . According to the argument that understands high, if be simple dial power supply only, the n of 20% can maintain watch a week to use; And tenability falls 15 hours in athletic mode.


In addition we discover, connect current to intelligent watch still fixed position and prospective pattern high to be interested quite, its can apparel the branch is in charge of Pan Kajie • high Jidiya claims, intelligent watch is not is electronic consumable only, however vogue is tasted. The concept of this view and malic Apple Watch happens to have the same view.



The intelligent watch of chip of first embarking Wear 3100 will be in appear on the market before the end of the year this year. At present Fossil, Luyiweideng and dragon of 10 thousand treasure already announced to use this chip, gu Ge will be in some later moment makes collaboration respond to.


MarketWatch of market survey orgnaization predicts hopeful of dimensions of market of global intelligence watch reached 35.7 billion dollar 2024. Integrated analysis of report of the IDC before this, we think future of intelligent watch product is medium short-term inside growth is driving. Mature gradually as configuration of this kind of product and attain at perfecting, it is better that batteries add boat gets at present solve, add clarity of consumer function fixed position, motion and fashionable course demand are clear, prospective intelligence watch makes the product of the 3rd old terminal that is close to dimensions of tablet equipment market can anticipate.

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