Fontal city publishs policy to encourage integrated circuit to design estate development

Recently, print and distribute of office of fontal state municipal government " the announcement that develops 7 measure about accelerating economy of number of fontal state city " (“ of the following abbreviation informs ”) , domain of design of integrated circuit industry is written into this ” announcement ” , cover integrated circuit to design defray of relevant soft hardware, product to flow piece, IP service, talent.

Integrated circuit design

In support integrated circuit designs an industry to develop a field, ” announcement ” put forward, buy software of tool of IP, design, test and analytic instrument equipment to purchase to platform wait for charge (it is basis) with pay taxes bill, give do not exceed 30% , highest the fund that does not outstrip 10 million yuan is accessorial. The service that provides to platform (it is basis) with technical contract and pay taxes bill, according to in those days service revenue 20% , do not grant capital more than 2 million yuan allowance, deadline is 3 years.

Business of integrated circuit design uses circle of multinomial eye brilliant (MPW) has product research and development, press MPW direct cost 80% grant allowance; The enterprise attends a project to shed a project, top-ranking to be the same as piece project project sheds a charge to grant 50% allowance. Annual and accessorial amount does not surpass single company 2 million yuan.

Integrated circuit designs an enterprise to buy graph of integrated circuit cloth to design patent rights to begin high-end chip research and development, give graph of integrated circuit cloth to design patent rights to purchase direct cost the allowance of 50% , annual and accessorial amount does not surpass single company 2 million yuan. The “IP that buys tripartite IC to design platform to offer answer with, share design tool software or test and analytic ” serve, give buy service charge actually the allowance of 55% , annual and accessorial amount does not surpass single company 1.5 million yuan. Integrated circuit designs enterprise head to spent sale to exceed 20 million yuan second year, 50 million yuan, 80 million yuan, 100 million yuan enterprise, it is base with the year on the enterprise, rise when year oneself, add its newly 3 years place of value added tax, enterprise income tax to stay into the part continuously, respectively according to 50% , 40% , 30% , the scale of 20% rewards a company, single company year rewards amount not to exceed 2 million yuan.

Chip of supportive this locality applies (include overall / module / the integrated circuit such as plan company is downstream enterprise) with this locality integrated circuit design business linkage develops, purchase by 2% pairs of this locality that purchase the specified amount just grant capital allowance, forehead of allowance of single company year does not exceed 2 million yuan; Forehead of allowance of year of individual model chip does not surpass single company 1 million yuan.

And in talent respect, ” announcement ” the integrated circuit that introduces to industry of fontal state city designs a handsome appearance, affirm person with ability of high administrative levels of city of the state that it is a spring via maintaining, answer to enjoy corresponding working life treatment by relevant provision; Was not affirmed what the first integrated circuit to talent of 5 administrative levels designs a handsome appearance to be fontal state city, classics enterprise is recommended, by wage income level (it is basis) with individual income tax or proof of cost of social security pay, give every months 500 yuan of —1600 yuan allowance; In the meantime, encourage the college inside fontal state city to add integrated circuit newly relevant major, every add a major newly, give highest the one-time award that does not outstrip 200 thousand yuan.

It is reported, divide ” announcement ” outside, jin Jiang already 2016 only then, came on stage to include respectively ” compendium of program of development of integrated circuit estate of advance river city (2016-2025) ” ” Jin Jiang city accelerates those who breed catenary of integrated circuit entire industry a certain number of opinions ” ” integrated circuit industry of Jin Jiang city is outstanding the talent maintains a level ” wait for policy, radiation includes the development of catenary of integrated circuit entire industry that integrated circuit designs inside.

Current, jin Jiang is developing integrated circuit property energetically, already introduced include Jin Hua, silicon to taste wait for catenary of course of study of much family property to swim up and down enterprise, rely on core China at the same time integrated circuit grooms this locality of education of garden of science and education of river of advance of university of center, Fuzhou turns a talented person, launch the core ” contest that “ does poineering work, build academician expert workstation, come on stage continuously wait for policy of multinomial specific aim, from each respect proceed with that the industry grows, basic form builds the favorable situation that has development of estate of Jin Jiang integrated circuit.


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