Explore person head is super chip Shanghai head wisdom industry year devoted even more 1 billion

Cerebral science and kind the next point sending force that the head studies to will make field of Shanghai scientific research.

Person head is super chip

Reporter of the first finance and economics learned a few days ago, the Shanghai head science of the Zhang Jiang lab that is located at Shanghai Pudong and kind head research center (” of center of brain of abbreviation “ Shanghai) materiality already began in Shanghai government to build below support energetically. When Zhang Xu of assistant dean of branch department of Shanghai of famous nerve scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences accepts reporter of the first finance and economics to interview, express: “ is new the Shanghai head science that hold water and kind head the progress of the research center perfectly, the next focal point that makes progress of Shanghai science and technology, we innovate do one’s best somewhat on system and mechanism, seek the breakthrough ” of deep administrative levels, systematization.

Seek system breakthrough

“ stands in reforming and opening 40 years when the mouth, this issue is crucial to the development of our biology medicine ” . Zhang Xu points out. Nevertheless he expresses, want to realize such breakthrough to have very big challenge, on the obstacle that overcomes mentally only and system restrict, ability progresses somewhat. We should enlarge “ not just dimensions, should come true more substantially jump litre, this accords with the demand of national whole strategy, is not to be aimed at a certain system, a certain orgnaization or ” of a certain enterprise. His say.

Shanghai head science and kind head the research center began on May 14 this year. It will be as scientific as Beijing head with kind head research center together, become Chinese “ head to plan ” project one south one north two centers. “ China head plans roll out, should be the common people that is aimed at us what do the life and social progress need, this is not the problem that should compare with who, the mode that we are him China, should have oneself development route ” . Zhang Xu expresses to reporter of the first finance and economics.

The good luck that the addition of demand of progress of Chinese head and the buildup that domain of intelligent science and technology studies and develop power, society, industry upgrades and governmental support and social investment strength are increased waited for many sided element to facilitate the golden age of cerebral wisdom science and technology. According to not complete count, only the capital that Shanghai area comes from investment of investment of funds of governmental scientific research, business, company to wait for a variety of forms to throw cerebral wisdom science and technology and industrial development every year not less than 1 billion yuan. Zhang Xu says to introduction of reporter of the first finance and economics: Science of “ Shanghai head and kind the background science research that the research center will do the head to close and strengthen cerebral wisdom science and technology and ” of core technology research and development.

In speak of Shanghai head science and kind head when the moving system of the research center, zhang Xu expresses to reporter of the first finance and economics, must want to achieve the breakthrough on system. His say: “ we take the pattern of beautiful Europe blindly also have a problem, we begin to consult since 2000 the PI of American university system (independent laboratory chief) system, the country cast many funds, had on level of integral scientific research really rise substantially, but actual strength of our science and technology still has bigger difference with socioeconomy development demand of the country, this specification is not the problem of capital dimensions completely, the effort that should make deeper arrangement on system mechanism however ” .

“ although our paper was published a lot of, but the developed country is not so simple ground sees a problem, this becomes the only standard ” that measures level of science and technology of a country and actual strength impossibly also. Zhang Xu expresses to reporter of the first finance and economics, cerebral science studies “ now can be united in wedlock with artificial intelligence technology, china seemed to see an opportunity from which, but should knowing we are returned in artificial intelligence respect is not the strongest, although we already had a few whole worlds,banner breakthrough nods ” .

Zhang Xu works at after Swedish doctor graduated 1994, going back to the motherland, each level that in recent years Chinese scientific research develops all previous classics, deep know well is among them fragile. Be in the United States, the advantage of PI system is apparent, already developed maturity because of strategy of its national science and technology and executive system layout, of scientific research orgnaization, university and company omnibus participate in degree tall, capital otherness investment and division of labor are clear, systematization executive force is extremely powerful, can divide the total outlay that supports basic research into a lot of size task funds accordingly, bear research and personnel cost, can develop the ability of more person.

Build big scientific plant

Last year in September, zhang Jiang lab uncovers a shop sign. The key of this lab tackles key problem research direction includes life science and IT two big fields, kind cerebral intelligence research is both between join bridge. At present interior department had built the experiment to share a mechanism, researcher of each research organization can use costly experimental device jointly, the big scientific plant that builds especially, and build an unified database, gather the pertinent information of research and clinical trial, get through of a few original data Gu island.

Had built finished big scientific unit to include center of test of protein of Shanghai illuminant, country to wait, floor area of center of test of protein of its China home is 33 thousand square metre. Total investment is 756 million yuan, this also is first of life science domain big scientific unit.

Zhang Xu expresses to reporter of the first finance and economics: The big scientific unit of domain of “ life science is very infrequent, national protein research center gives the life science such as simple structure accepting put oneself in another’s position and function to consider to provide technical infrastructure for the nerve in cerebral science, protein structure is most one of scientific research problems of core, where is the target place that knows medicaments effect for instance, conduce to the diagnosis of medicaments and development, the technical platform of protein research, no matter learn a problem from the division of biology technology itself, still be medicaments development, vaccinal, including modern agriculture is need, in cerebral science domain, conduce to right neurological the understanding ” with the disease.

Zhang Xu returns the introduction to say, be in Shanghai at present Zhang Jiang, those who go in neurological disease to study foremost face is place of medicaments of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The closest the name is GV971 fight medicaments of senile and gawkish disease to had passed Ⅲ period clinical trial, it is the revolutionary progress that medicaments studies, expectation can be entered very quickly examine and approve appear on the market.

Why should become the alternate subject of so big span in Zhang Jiang? Zhang Xu tells the first finance and economics the reporter: “ is opposite because of this namely our intellectual structure, neurological to understanding or medicaments research and development is an omnibus system, we need more scientist, more mind blend, stimulate innovation, this is a scientific zoology environment, here is like the Silicon Valley that is biology medicine bound, on the basics that the scientist can support in larger scientific installation, undertake new research and development ” .

Produce learn to grind unifinication

It is to be in likewise last year in September, zhang Xu holds CEO Chen Tianshi concurrently from author of The Cambrian science and technology contract of ” of expert of “ academician workstation has been received in the hand, from now on the forward position of science of our country head explores force, the force deepness of the industrialization that reachs artificial intelligence chip scientificly with computation is shirt-sleeve, basic research scientist and computational IT expert are collective open world kind forward position of cerebral intelligence research and high-tech industry gate, the mode of this kind of collaboration that cross a boundary does not see more before.

The Cambrian regards our country as company of newly established of chip of first artificial intelligence, had developed the depth that gave to exceed efficiency of feebleminded bad news, freeboard to learn nerve network chip. Chen Tianshi ever expressed to reporter of the first finance and economics, be in early The Cambrian science and technology registered a company in city of the science and technology that face harbor 2016, what he takes a fancy to is Shanghai not just what create a field in integrated circuit is deep accumulate, what have strategic intention more is, join be born to be in the “ Shanghai that faces harbor head – wisdom zoology encircles kind of cerebral intelligence industrialization that project ” place makes. Zhang Xu is the project controller of this project.

The “ Shanghai head that takes the lead by branch department of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences – wisdom project ” is started from 2014 up to now, not only assemble Chinese nerve science is foremost the scientist of the edge, also attracting come from division big question to fly, the artificial intelligence science and technology such as vision of view of The Cambrian, love precedes the enterprise is entered halt, explore the way of the industrialization of kind of brain intelligence jointly. Who says “ can basic research burn money only? Rather, each in the lab little progress, bring big change ” of the industry likely. Zhang Xu say, “ if entrepreneur can see these change in time, can seasonable the ” in using them the property.

Zhang Xu raises a hand to go up China tell the first finance and economics the reporter for Mate mobile phone: The kylin that “ uses in this mobile phone chip of 970 artificial intelligence, the Cambrian was contributed among them nerve network processing is unit (NPU) , it is the basic research achievement that is based on institute of technology of computation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, ‘ Shanghai head – wisdom project ’ facilitated its industrialization, the first its big user is China for, also be one of mobile phones with global most user ” . According to the research report of much home orgnaization, this year 2 quarters, china had surmounted an apple to rank in market share of the whole world for the mobile phone 2, be next to SamSung. On August 31, 2018 China for newest the kylin with issuance the most advanced whole world chip of 980 artificial intelligence bore the weight of chip of NPU of double nucleus The Cambrian.

In chip industry, general the achievement of a chip wants large-scale supply to arrive on the market, need a very lengthy process, but The Cambrian tries hard through his, did not finish to a year of time. This reflects “ not only of quality of group of the level of science and technology in us, scientific research promote increasingly, also be reforming and opening 40 years since, in science and technology research and industrialization move are changed, produce learn to grind what what stride in combinative process is important one pace ” . Zhang Xu say, “ also proves we are in at the same time an outstanding scientific research achievement is great translate into is outstanding industry, rely on outstanding resource of the government and governmental fund not just, more important is to rely on market capital ” .

Look into future, a collection of illustrative plates of cerebral function coupling that nerve scientist studies also will give nerve network chip to bring new revelation. This also is one of problems that the person that the scientist of such artificial intelligence domain and high-tech do poineering work cares Chen Tianshi most.


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