Europe Si Langrong breasts Frankfurt international steam deserved to exhibit innovation large award 2018

Recently, high-tech companyOu SilangReceive in glory equipment to suffer fix eyes upon spare parts of car of German Frankfurt international reached large award of innovation of after service exhibition 2018. Through the selection that independent expert commissioner meets, Ou SilangMasses golf 7LEDHeadlight (LEDRiving Headlights For The VW Golf VII) is awaited from 120 in selecting a product, show itself, make electron and system kind award gainer. Ou SilangLEDRiving headlight includes Black, chrome and GTI version, it is the first when for masses golf the 7th acting product creates complete LED model change one’s costume or dress headlight.

20 come for years, frankfurt exhibits a center to insist to hold international steam to deserve to exhibit innovation large award, in order to commend those showing initiate sexual product and solution that those who give distinctive potential. Await select a product or dependency of the market after plan should accept sex of concerned innovation sex, economic benefits, function, carry out, safety and quality and right but durative development, resource is efficient use, and even the assessment that waits for a respect to the contribution of environmental protection.

Hans-Joachim Schwabe of apparitor of banquet of radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries of career of illume of Ou Silang special type expresses: It is active to what we work that “ has the honor to win steam of 2018 Frankfurt international this to deserve to exhibit innovation award approbate. Through be masses golf only 7 and the headlight of first LED drive of research and development, ou Silang introduced newest lighting engineering for popular masses model. ”

Illume effect is better, safer and specific power consumption is lower

The LED that wins innovation award this change one’s costume or dress headlight applies to all equipment haloid or the golf of xenon gas headlight 7 departments model, its luminous flux is legaller than the European Union lowest asks (ECE R112 attestation) tower above 200% , double what at the same time brightness is standard headlight or haloid lamp, can enlighten more clearly the fraise on road, the visibility that increases a driver and easy are measurable. This LED headlight not only exterior avant-courier, and specific power consumption is very low, more durable, in addition its installation procedure is very simple also, need not undertake any transforming to car.

Steam deserved to exhibit innovation award winner 2018: Masses golf Si Lang LED of 7 departments Europe change one’s costume or dress headlight. Graph: Ou Silang

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