Enterprise of Guang Gu integrated circuit leaves bottom drawback nearly 500 million

Recently, wuhan of total bureau of national tax Wu east revenue of development of lake new technology expresses, by July up to now east lake high new developed area adds up to conduction value added tax stays touch drawback to exceed 1 billion yuan, among them integrated circuit enterprise stays touch drawback to hold half of country.

Integrated circuit

The Yangtse River stores finite liability company was in science and technology to got 186 million yuan drawback money recently. The Yangtse River stores financial chief Li Hui expresses: “ did not think of orgnaization of new tax Wu handles affairs rate is so rapid, finished with respect to examine and verify that day, after informing our exchequer to issue an electron to withdraw library detailed account before long, this imposition arrives Zhang. ”

Science and technology of storage of the Yangtse River is finite liability company (the Yangtse River stores) it is circle of research and development of design of chip of a collect, technology, brilliant production and test, sale serves the semiconductor memory at an organic whole enterprise, chip already was started to produce machine stage to move installation to debug before 5 months; Our country 32 of own intellectual property first having three-dimensional shine put chip, the hopeful inside year is produced in this batch. On August 7, memory of the Yangtse River releases the Xtacking technology of global initiate publicly, this technology will is three-dimensional shine put offer taller read write function and higher packing density, cycle of research and development of short sawn timber shrinks in the meantime, ” of core of help “ China accelerates own innovation development.

Li Hui says, execute return stay touch the amount of tax to be paid, can add a company directly current cash flows, improve an enterprise to run a condition, increase innovation of science and technology to throw strength, the company that help strength can grow continuously.

Integrated circuit is “ country is heavy implement ” , it is a country sex of strategical, foundation and forerunner sex industry, the issue closes the lifeblood of national security and national economy. Current, east the layout inside development of lake new technology is worn 5 integrated circuit produce a business, it is microelectronics of horse of Wuhan new core, day, Hua Xingguang respectively semiconductor of report, Hua Xing, the Yangtse River stores. In the rise of Chinese core screen, guang Guzheng is bibcock with the major industry project such as national memory, exert oneself compose builds “ core – screen – upright – the entire industry catenary of net ” , develop group of world-class photoelectron Information Industry energetically.



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