Does the stage accumulate report to show crisis sense? Day intermediary: Fear buying nonofficeholding bay this memory factory

As close saturation of global smartphone demand, the stage accumulates electric president Liu Deyin to accept day of intermediary to visit infrequent release what is held to express, do not eliminate to buy the possibility of memory factory. Although still be not had at present,buy an end potentially, but message personage already call-overed science and technology of South Asia of Taiwan DRAM big plant, close to put delay gradually in battalion of mobile phone chip it is thus clear that during, the stage accumulates report to seek the cooperative opportunity of diversity actively.

The market observes the home thinks, if can acquire in-house memory part,produce can, be expected to make the stage accumulates report to be benefited, because prospective chip designs a likelihood combine more function, will promote function and power source efficiency.

The stage accumulates report

The intermediary that occupy a stage on September 6 cite ” day classics news ” the message says, the whole world science and technology of South Asia of plant of manufacturer of the 4th big DRAM, station may be stage accumulating report buys object or partner potentially; To this, south Asia science and technology expresses to not be clear about have any buying message, reject farther buy to judge. In addition, with the whole world beauty of United States of factory of the 3rd big DRAM establishs joint-stock company solely, also be one of possible options.

Stage accumulating report ever considered to buy the whole world in the past the 2nd shine greatly put (NAND Flash) ” of semiconductor of factory “ Toshiba, but because each other cooperate the space is too little and abandon.

Stage accumulating report is versed in in global chip generation the market is occupied be as high as 56 % , have 450 clients, include rich to connect, brightness amount to, connect high, the client that couplet sends the IC such as the division to design big plant is stage accumulating report.

In addition, the stage accumulates report also beforehand appraise, the battalion this year closes to be calculated with the dollar, will grow 5% ~ 10% .


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