Does CPU affect condition of pen report shipment for goods inadequacy? Intel makes a statement to this

Seek advice from newest investigation according to market country, the 3rd season is worth busy season of pen report shipment, former Whiskey Lake of Intel new platform also predicts in the 3rd season the quantity is produced, however, from PC OEM course of study person shipment state observes at present Intel new platform still offers goods inadequacy continuously, serious effect this year industry of cable of pen of second half of the year person shipment program. Market country seeks advice to also fall repaired shipment of annual pen report estimates growing rate this year beforehand appraise value comes negative 0.2% , and this is not worth a state to also fear will pounding memory price further for goods.

Does CPU affect condition of pen report shipment for goods inadequacy? Intel makes a statement to this

The state that at present Intel is not worth for goods continuously advocate because of still unidentified bright, market country seeks advice point out, this state happens in the 14nm++ of improved edition not only, already measured repeatedly produce the 14nm+Coffee Lake product line with much half an year to also present synchronism to be not worth condition for goods, plant to have mainstream opportunity as a result of this product one of CPU, be opposite consequently impact of pen cable market is very at present huge. Market country seeks advice beforehand appraise, intel CPU is not worth a phenomenon to bring about for goods pen report supplied breach in August about 5% , breach increased to 5-10% in September, the four seasons supplies breach to be afraid become more than. The basis supplies the message of catenary, this are new platform is not worth a state to be afraid for goods should continue to next year to just alleviate in the round likely first half of the year.

To this, intel states about what CPU of second half of the year offerred goods condition 2018: “ since this year, the abidance of client demand situation is improved drove Intel the growth of each business line, make we the battalion 2018 closes look into anticipated to 4.5 billion dollar promotes on the foundation January. Our annual battalion that measures aux will be able to to satisfy us to already was announced for goods closes look into, it is as good with management as client and factory clasp that we are in all sorts of increase demand newly. ”

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