Does A12 chip have many strong? Can let kylin 980 Hexiao dragon 845 dim and blank

On September 13, the autumn news briefing this year is in the apple husband of the base of a fruit of malic headquarters Steve Jobs Theater(theater of · Qiao Busi) hold, the apple rolled out news briefing 3 mobile phones and a watch, it is IPhone XR, IPhone Xs Max, IPhone Xs and Apple Watch Series 4 respectively.


This news briefing, do not have the window with large what basically, besides breaking through 10 thousand yuan high price, your small make up drop those who defeat glasses is, it is to install angle of eminent mobile phone to wear malic mobile phone, this malic mobile phone learns the mobile phone that install eminent conversely unexpectedly: On IPhone Xs Max, malic first time added double card double wait for a function, had a name for it: DSDS. Those who want an attention is, its are Sino-US what the blame mainland version such as edition uses is odd SIM card of ESIM blocking groove writes configuration, and travel version IPhone Xs Max enjoys the country alone design of chamfer of double SIM card. Mercantile Cooke to enlarge Chinese market be do one’s best really.





About the content of the news briefing everybody should understand almost, we here no longer give uncecessary details. Those who deserve attention is this the mobile phone on the news briefing all uses A12 Bionic, it is on the world first 7nm makes Cheng chip. And the kylin that in not long ago Hua Weigang releases 980, also be first the chip that business uses 7nm technology, look now, on the level that produces shipment in implementation quantity, the apple is fast still next door China for one pace, prove again, the language of more than big mouth always is faster than the action.


Besides, released brave dragon in the Gaotong end last year actually 845, although brave dragon 845 those who use is 10nm craft makes Cheng, but it is one of existing the most powerful chip likewise, small now make up give everybody 3 afore-mentioned mentioning chip below contrast.


A12 Bionic chip


Mention on the news briefing, IPhone Xs and IPhone Xs Max will carry brand-new A12 Bionic chip.


A12 Bionic chip uses the most advanced 7nm technology to make Cheng, have 6.9 billion transistor, the CPU that contains 6 core and the GPU of 4 core and nerve network (Neural Engine) 3 much. With on generation A11 photograph is compared, a12 processor promoted in much nucleus on function 30% , promoted in odd nucleus 24% , and returned power comsumption to drop 40% . After upgrading to 7nm to make Cheng, the add boat nature of new fund IPhone got promotion, among them the add boat of IPhone Xs promoted half hour than IPhoneX, the add boat time of IPhone Xs Max promoted half hours.



 The processing rate that at the same time the apple shows CPU of this 6 nucleuses should compare the A11 last year to promote 15% , GPU also has 50% carry fast, still matched at the same time brand-new the nerve engine that upgrade, every second can undertake agreement computation 5 trillion times, and nerve engine still can open Core ML.


Add in network of nerve of A12 Bionic chip hold below, IPhone Xs and IPhone Xs Max learn the meeting on ability to have better performance in basic function traversal speed and machine, core ML machine learns the traversal speed of frame to be able to achieve 9 times previously, power comsumption has only however previously very one of.


On the news briefing, did 3 paragraphs to demonstrate in the light of function of A12 Bionic chip. It is the developer of BETHESDA of game development company above all, they showed game ” BLADES ” moving effect, the picture of level of high-end sport plane is able to appear on the mobile phone character. The 2 developer that are NEX TEAM and Nash of · of basketball athlete Steve are told about use " Homecourt " the process that App helps basketball athlete undertake shoot a basket trains on IPhone Xs, the image processing of A12 Bionic chip and AI function make a person impressive. The 3 developer that are Directive Games reveal the process that uses IPhone Xs to undertake much person AR receives machine play, fluent picture and stable much person are online play a law to let a person shine at the moment.


Additional, add in the ISP of A12 Bionic and nerve network hold below, the it is better to pat note to have automatic Bai Pingheng of IPhone Xs and IPhone Xs Max and HDR, red-eyed also can reduce effectively. For example new IPhone supports Smart HDR function, what can use function of 0 shutter defer to prevent mobile is ambiguous, carry much frame picture AI engine algorithm to undertake coincide next, different picture best partial synthesis is photograph of a piece of first-rate.


Hua Weiqi Lin 980


This year on August 31, china go up to be exhibited in electron of IFA2018 Germany Berlin, the kylin of mobile phone SoC—— that released business of global head money to accumulate electric 7nm craft with the stage likewise 980, express to take the lead in carrying kylin the series of Mate20 of mobile phone of Hua Weiquan new admiral of 980 will on October 16 the whole world is released.


Kylin 980 interior are compositive 6.9 billion transistor, compare the 10nm workmanship that industry uses generally, function can promote 20% , can effect promotes 40% , transistor density promotes 1.6 times, implementation function and can the double promotion of effect.



Kylin 980, if using Yu Chengdong, say even if, “ takes 6 worlds repeatedly the first, firm! ” lets us saw it take what world the first.


1, the whole world the mobile phone chip of rice of the first 7 accept (but look now, a12 already first China for one pace) : China be less than 1 square to be in centimeter, in the area of fingernail size, a place of strategic importance entered 6.9 billion transistor. And connect apple, high the strongest also do not cross many 40.


2, the chip that the whole world is based on Cortex-A76 the first times: 980 have kylin in all 8 kernels, namely 8 nucleuses. 2 2 high-powered kernels, neutral can kernel of kernel, 4 low function, intelligence attempers, power comsumption falls greatly 58% .


3, the chip that the whole world uses G76 GPU the first times: All the time someone says China be inferior to an apple to play game, this compositive the Mali-G76 GPU of top end, violent wind of graphical processing capability rises 46% , can effect promotes 178% .


4, the whole world the first collect is geminate the chip of nuclear NPU: The kylin last year 970 load NPU of artificial intelligence chip, had made an apple tall connect unaware. This kylin 980, china to installed two directly.


5, the whole world the chip of base band of the first LTE Cat.21: When tall general Cat.20 greets to 4G limit, china give Cat.21 to be thrown directly, speed of be issued to lower levels amounts to the whole world highest 1.4Gbps, become the base band of the strongest communication before 5G!


6, the whole world the chip of memory of the first LPDDR4X: Those who made the 7 accept rice, 8 nucleuses, GPU, artificial intelligence, strongest base band China for, still do not forget to break through memory limit, bandwidth violent wind rises 13% , frequency breaks through 2133MHz.


More exciting is, kylin 980 lis Wifi module, also connect to American rich no longer buy, it is entirely China for own research and development, china of another core implementation is homebred!


The Mate 20 that will release October follows IPhone Xs contrast, who is more powerful? We can wait for a month again only.


Tall Tong Xiaolong 845


Besides above two, tall Tong Xiaolong 845 although release earlier, but its powerful function still nots allow to ignore. Technical peak met the tall Tong Xiaolong of the portion in December 2017 on, the brand-new admiral class that Gao Tongzheng type issued a banner to fall is mobile platform brave dragon 845, express next 2018, tall Tong Xiaolong 845 meetings are this year the first selection chip of admiral machine, look now, use brave dragon the mobile phone of 845 really a lot of, include to be added 6, Xperia XZ2 of S9/S9 of MIX2S of mobile phone of game of nut R1, black shark, millet, SamSung, Suo Ni, brave dragon the 845 mainstream chip that made industry mobile telephone already.




Brave dragon 845 use craft of SamSung 10nm LPP to make, upgrade to Kryo 385 kernel, still be 8 core framework, highest frequency can amount to 4 big core 2.8GHz, frequency of 4 small core can amount to function promotion 25%-30%; 1.8GHz, function promotes 15% .


GPU part, brave dragon 845 upgrade to Adreno 630, compare the previous generation function promoted for the product 30% , specific power consumption compares promotion 30% , video handled efficiency to promote 2.5 times.


Algorithmic part, adreno 630 supports focusing algorithm technology, can intelligent identifying is opposite to person eye focus, key apply colours to a drawing this one part, achieve the goal of economic power comsumption thereby. This one technology cooperates a vision to track, can ensure photograph move anyhow like the head, still be in optimal apply colours to a drawing to focal part condition.


ISP respect, brave dragon 845 conformity Spectra 280 of chip of the 2nd acting ISP, the key improved the performance below low luminous environment, so-called can bring first-rate video to film experience. In the meantime, the floating platform that it also is video of character of first support freeboard, frame rate can amount to 60fps, so-called the picture plastid produce the expected result that can bring Hollywood level.


In the meantime, brave dragon 845 had been the 3rd acting business that knows high uses AI platform, connect high think, highest AI is the AI that the user does not experience, in brave dragon on 845 platform, tall all crosses software get through all interface, pass an API to be able to realize all functions related to AI.


The DSP that connects oneself high is the leading role of AI operation, its support HVX and INT8, can realize more efficient operation ability, achieved brave dragon 3 times of 835.


In brave dragon the safety of 845 adds close chip in, gaotongjia entered HLOS operating system, offer operating system safety to support, at the same time safety of class of supportive TrustZone hardware protects mode, all data that concern with safe privacy, for instance dactylogram is to give TrustZone undertakes handling.


Whole and safe part, connect high call its SPU(Secure Processing Unit) , the processor that has independence, memory is waited a moment, realize separate operation, because this is safe level is higher, can resist more attack.


3 chip are comparative, which strong?


Small staff made a simple form, see basic parameter OK and intuitionisticly:



From integral performance judgement, 980 have malic A12 and kylin each advantage, a12 is on the odd nucleus performance with A series strong always processor increase further, complete AI fills on certain level at the same time short board; and kylin is in 980 times of framework of new generation A76 G76 and double nucleus NPU aid force to fall, continue to enlarge AI function lead dominant position.


Of A12 processor run cent circumstance also is very doughty, the mark of much nucleus is 14000 minutes, odd nucleus is 5200 minutes. Now this phase can surmount A12 processor without processor, connect 855 processor high this runs cent has not appeared, will contrast first below, a12 processor and tall Tong Xiaolong 845 processor: Brave dragon the much nucleus of 845 processor runs cent is 9000 minutes, odd nucleus mark is 3000 minutes, this runs cent looks, brave dragon 845 compare with A12, still differred many, the brave dragon that does not know future 855, gaotonghui gives us what kind of answer.



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