Chip of A12 of Cheng of 7 pay the metric system will help an apple contend for adversary in Yu Jing of the be far ahead on the technology


On September 5 message, according to foreign media coverage, release as the new fund IPhone that uses chip of A12 of Cheng of 7 pay the metric system this year, malic aux will be able to precedes on the technology Yu Jing contends for adversary quite, and this kind of lead dominant position will last to next year.

According to Taiwan ” electronic times ” report, the apple suffers chip of expectant A12 of Cheng of 7 pay the metric system to will make its surmount the competitor such as SamSung, Gu Ge and LG fully.

When malic company is releasing new fund IPhone, always can offer healthy rate to promote, but the newest model that chip of new 7 accept rice may give A11 and its competitor brings huge impact.

According to ” electronic times ” report, android manufacturer changes 7 accept rice to unlikelily inside period of time chip from chip of 10 accept rice.

The company such as Gaotong and SamSung has used chip of Cheng of 10 pay the metric system in the smartphone, this year won’t throw on the market of chip of 7 accept rice.

Stage accumulating report already prepared malic chip manufacturer to produce chip of A12 of 7 accept rice for new fund IPhone it seems that. Since IPhone 7 comes out, stage accumulating report is the chip supplier with sole apple all the time. This will make IPhone X makes new money this year the uses chip of 7 accept rice exclusively smartphone on the market.

Supply catenary report to show, most manufacturer won’t use the chip under 10 accept rice in the major while of next year. Stem from cost reason, very much acting factory already slow down the investment on craft of 7 accept rice, continue to use a future life of Cheng of 14/12 pay the metric system to produce chip.

According to the letter, gaotong and couplet hair science and technology already its of chip of 7 accept rice roll out defer to 2019, although they predict before this,can roll out later on this year.


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