China to be in the United States be thwarted, 5G is about to build in Russia

China to be in the United States market suffer a setback, but this is not cloggy China for the business dilate in the whole world. As 5G approach gradually, tycoon of each communication equipment is in in succession share of market of race to control, everybody does not want to lag behind. China be also is such, in Russia satellite news service and broadcast broadcasting station in interviewing, china for technical limited company (Lin Ruiqi shows the senior vice president of Huawei) , china the 5G network construction that planning Russia for the company, have not enter large-scale try out at present, the project has a test in city of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting only now.

Lin Ruiqi expresses: “5G is technology of mobile of the Five Dynasties, the rate of wireless transmission data is extremely high. The surf on the net of respecting common perhaps watchs video, 5G may be not as big as 4G distinction. But 5G skill will be great the quality that improves content couplet net: Data is transmitted between each appliance and equipment. Had not established the uniform standard of 5G network at present, accordingly each national capital is in secretly argue. Who establishs new standard the first times, who will make the individual legislator of new network. ”

China to be in the United States be thwarted, 5G is about to build in Russia

In 4G network times, the United States is in lead position. But 5G times, communication actual strength of China got promoting considerably, china took out outstanding scientific research actual strength and a lot of patent in 5G times for resurgence. China revealed 5G terminal last year to be in, at the same time China the construction that stands to still preparing 5G radical actively, be in so 5G times, who will win still cannot know.

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