Big Tang Yi is moved and connect research and development of technology of the 5G that finish high to experiment IODT of the 3rd phase checks

5 days, qualcomm(United States tells a company high) move with big Tang Yi announce in Beijing, both sides advances group of issuance 5G technology research and development to experiment according to IMT-2020(5G) standard of the 3rd phase, sex of operation of each other of new eat dishes without rice or wine of the 5G that finish checks (IODT) . The test used big Tang Yi to move offer base the archetypal user terminal that station and Gaotongdi supply (UE) . Each other operates a test to go in 3.5GHz frequency Duan Jin, use the 5G crucial technology that is based on standard of 3GPP Release 15, data of odd user of be issued to lower levels transmits rate to achieve 1.38Gbps.

Experiment of research and development of Chinese 5G technology believes a guidance, IMT-2020(5G) to advance by labour the group is responsible carry out. Test of the 3rd phase regards 5G as the last link that 5G technology research and development checks, will reach for the 5G dimensions test that developed 2019 beforehand business uses ready-made.

Understand project technology high Ma Dejia of general manager of business of senior vice president, 4G/5G expresses: “ Gaotong and big Tang Yi are moved finished each other of 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine to operate a test, prove 5G industry catenary is main again link is already mature. Know the long-term success that devotes oneself to to support Chinese wireless industry all the time high, we expect to be moved with big Tang Yi wait for lead company to cooperate further, drive 5G business to use a process jointly. ”

Big Tang Yi moves vice-president of 5G product line Dr. Wangli to express: “5G is marching toward business to use implementation quickly, big Tang Yi is moved and Q is connected high all the time the deepness since cooperates, quickened technical maturity and industry to advance, also showed both sides is in the lead position of domain of respective 5G industry. Future, big Tang Yi is moved will mix connect high continue to deepen collaboration, advance the maturity of 5G industry jointly, extend application of 5G innovation business, the successful businessman that is 5G uses contributive power. ”

Big Tang Yi is moved

Big Tang Yi uses the core firm that innovates independently as our country, level of research and development tests in 5G, participate in metric system to decide in the round, endow with in large-scale antenna and beam form, new-style much location, exceed the 5G field of standardization such as concentrated group net to be in international banner level; In the meantime, big Tang Yi is moved also rolled out the business of whole set 5G that is based on 3GPP whole world to unite a standard to use product and solution, the deploy of experiment of technology of 5G of the our country that help strength and dimensions experiment net, use for prospective 5G business had done all-around layout preparation.

Current, global 5G experiments and the test is undertaking quickly. Numerous operation business and OEM manufacturer are based on Gao Tongzheng and whole world platform of test of its 5G shift and smartphone consult the design spreads out collaboration, predict for support at rolling out the whole world 2019 first 5G network reachs terminal ready-made.

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