Be repelled by 5G times China for: Beautiful Han is multilateral reject to use China for equipment

5G times is closer and closer from us, business of each country operation also began to develop overall arrangement to coming 5G period in succession, but to China manufacturer China is and character, this 5G times is not a little it seems that so “ is friendly ” . The country such as United States of it is reported, Canada, India announces to reject to use before this China the 5G equipment that is production, and the 5G equipment supplier that announces in the operation business SK Telecom with the biggest yesterday Korea wins the bid do not have likewise in list China bed form, the boycott episode that frequency sends lets our heart give birth to suspicion not only, china for by 5G times close the door on?

The 5G equipment supplier that announces in SK Telecom wins the bid list is SamSung electron, love to establish letter and Nuojiya, SK Telecom controller expresses to be in win the bid certainly undertook before the company long of many sided examine, in thought 3 afore-mentioned companies chose after technology, ecosystem and finance affairs.

Nevertheless Korea government expresses to did not plan to prevent China the mark that it is contest, and Korea LG Uplus represents business of the 3rd big operation the installation that its plan to use Chinese firm, but the person that have not announce bid of contest of its first selection. KT of business of the 2nd big mobile operation has not issue announcement.

US-led the country is excuse with safety the 5G equipment that boycott China is, intent general China be in to eliminate the intention besides 5G times is very apparent, in Hua Weijiang the technology of telegraphic equipment industry of bold lets these countries fear to affect the development of native and telegraphic technology. And be in in the near future inside in the nation that will build 5G network, outside dividing Europe, most country predicts to also will prohibit in succession China the communication equipment that is resurgence.

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