ASML values Chinese market: Machine of the most advanced photoetching will be entered very quickly China

Production annual meeting of Chinese integrated circuit invited ASML of photoetching machine overlord recently (A Simai) Shen Bo of Chinese division president attends, he appears personally the topic that solved care of a few media.

ASML of photoetching machine overlord

Although UMC (couplet report) with Globalfoundries (case core) the research and development that announces to abandon 7nm making Cheng and more advanced technology early or late, but ASML still expresses to the foreground of EUV photoetching machine hopeful.

There is a message to point out before this, in core international (SMIC) already ordered aircraft of an EUV photoetching to ASML this year, consign of predicting next year, use at 7nm node.

In the meantime, be enmeshed traditionally side of type photoetching plane, shen Bo says, ASML of second half of the year already began shipment this year familial the most advanced NXT:2000i, very quick meeting also sees on Chinese market.

Additional, media has a report to say in the past, semiconductor of rainbow of memory of the Yangtse River, Shanghai China ordered machine of photoetching of type of immersion of 193 accept rice and 193 accept rice to ASML respectively double work station is enmeshed NXT:1 of type photoetching machine980Di, use at storing chip is made respectively, brilliant circle acting labour.

It is reported, ASML this year with the money of the 2nd quarter the newspaper shows first quarter, the sales revenue of mainland market is occupied than was being achieved 20% the left and right sides, already kept balance with the United States, and exceeded Taiwan area.

The EUV photoetching machine this year produces ASML can will achieve 20, bright hind two years will progressively promotion goes to 40.



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