Acting industry of circle of chinese mainland brilliant rises, produced 2020 can will take the whole world 20%

Association of industry of SEMI international semiconductor announces to analyse chinese mainland integrated circuit to make those who supply chain is newest ” industry of Chinese integrated circuit reports ” (China IC Ecosystem Report) , round factory of the Duan Jing before pointing out China is produced can will grow this year to global semiconductor brilliant circle is produced can 16% , forecast this scale to will rise to the end of 2020 to 20% .

The newest report that publishs according to SEMI points out, become chief force quickly with, installation cost reachs circle of brilliant of chinese mainland market to will be expected to surmount the whole world 2020 other area, predict to amount to above of 20 billion dollar, its kinetic energy is in from transnational corporation and chinese mainland enterprise in the future the investment of memory and project of brilliant circle acting project.

This China IC Ecosystem Report that makes by SEMI points out, IC design already became chinese mainland the 2nd year continuously domain of the biggest semiconductor, battalion received 31.9 billion dollar 2017, the IC that surmounts long-term dictate not only encloses test domain, pull open banner distance further. Chinese mainland IC designs industrial rise, round factory of the Duan Jing before meeting chinese mainland invests actively is produced can upsurge, market of chinese mainland equipment predicts will 2020 first degrees ascend bibcock throne. The semiconductor industry that chinese mainland matures gradually also at the same time Jia Hui the equipment of Chinese mainland and data vendor. Both product and ability all grow continuously, create a field in silicon brilliant circle especially.

Chinese mainland carries out to settle semiconductor unfavorable balance of trade ” development of estate of national integrated circuit advances compendium ” 1 what what accumulate, 400 much RMBs (21.5 billion dollar) the quickness that national IC fund stimulates this area IC successfully already to supply chain grows. Semiconductor is China’s biggest entrance project (receive) by battalion. Goal of fund of the 2nd phase will raise money again 1, 500-2, 0 RMB (100 million dollars of 230-300) , throw catenary of industry of chinese mainland semiconductor further.

This report points out at the same time, get ” development of estate of national integrated circuit advances compendium ” the encouragement that reachs advantageous policy, foreign talent returns chinese mainland to develop in succession, make IC design start a company newly volatile grow and indebted at this investment reachs policy interest much.

The each key summary of other China IC Ecosystem Report is as follows:

•Chinese mainland has 25 new brilliant round plants to be among build or program at present, include round plant of brilliant of 17 12 among them. Brilliant circle acting labour, DRAM and 3D NAND are Chinese brilliant circle installation cost and produce the main concentration that can develop newly domain.

•Chinese mainland IC encloses test industry to also begin to move to value catenary upper reaches, had cast incorporate and buy will promote a technology, build more advanced yield can in order to attract manufacturer of international conformity device (IDM) .

•Already made the whole world 2016 by the market of Chinese IC data that encloses stuff place dominant at present market of the 2nd old stuff, its position is in more firm 2017. The data market of chinese mainland from 2015 to during 2019 will with of 10% year compound growing rate (CAGR) grows continuously, the brilliant circle that main kinetic energy comes from this area to be added newly in the near future is produced can. In this paragraph during, its brilliant circle is produced can will with of 14% year compound growing rate lasts outspread.

Acting industry of circle of chinese mainland brilliant rises, produced 2020 can will take the whole world 20%

China IC Ecosystem Report covers China’s newest semiconductor to supply catenary and market development state of affairs, include: The rise of industry of chinese mainland IC, country and local government policy, the pubic and illicit collect fund, and the influence that these elements supply chain to Chinese IC. This report also compared the situation of the domestic main firm of each market territory and its abroad competitor.

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