5G is coming, how does VoLTE develop?

Soon 5G business draws near with time, the 5G speech of the VoNR that be called also is paid close attention to gradually.

So, does 4G times user use power not does very outstanding VoLTE expand position nowadays how? Without doubt Chinese shift develops VoLTE is do one’s best, achievement also is the most remarkable; China telecommunication also making clear time a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale to use step of UniCom of watch; China eventually is the slowest begin the VoNR since attention however.

China is mobile: VoLTE already covered 318 29 province, cities and area now

Chinese shift develops VoLTE is do one’s best, nevertheless, voLTE user did not allude to develop a case in money newspaper and monthly magazine first half of the year recently, do not know to because not agree with,close to anticipate cause at the outset. In the official shift of the China in net introduction reveals VoLTE to already covered 318 29 province, cities and area now.

In July, chinese shift releases 2018-2019 year equipment of gateway of VoLTE IP short message (enlarge is allowed) single source collect collects announcement, chinese shift will collect gateway of 36 IP short message to resurgence communication collect (IP-SM-GW) .

Additional, china’s mobile VoLTE uses pure IPv6 to be received.

Chinese telecommunication: Will undertake entire network tries business to use this year in October

Chinese telegraphic course of study had clear schedule eventually, on the ” of forum of technology of terminal of “2018 China telegraphic intelligence that holds last week, liu Liangjun of vise general manager discloses department of Chinese telegraphic market, chinese telecommunication predicts to will undertake this year entire network tries business to use in October, will use into business of guild regulations model in June 2019, advance VoLTE to make plan of terminal acquiesce speech at the same time.

It is reported, during Chinese telecommunication is trying business to use, limits of dimensions try out amounts to 31 provinces 300 much cities, will have try out of above of 300 thousand person, many nearly 200 terminal supports. And the VoLTE network of Chinese telecommunication will be close to CDMA 1X to cover a standard, percent of call completed will achieve 98% above, when lasting, delay be less than 2.8 seconds.

And during to June 2019 business of open VoLTE dimensions is used, voLTE network is enclothed will reach CDMA 1X level, predicting VoLTE user will develop to 30 million, terminal will use VoLTE in the acquiesce on speech mode, user but the hand uses switch to 1X.

Enter mature business to use period hind, voLTE is stationed in leave time to will exceed 98% . Terminal will not offer VoLTE switch, speech plan uses pure VoLTE pattern entirely, still remove those who advance CDMA 1X the net at the same time.

On the ” of congress of “ China SDN/NFV that held April, chinese telecommunication expresses to be able to divide network of VIMS of 6 node deploy in the whole nation 2018, will can satisfy user of 31 million VoLTE uses entire network by 2018 demand. It is reported, countrywide cent is north, medium, south 3 area, each other of network of the two node inside same area destroys for the look backup, consider Xinjiang area is special demand, install Xinjiang node alone, only responsible Xinjiang saves business originally, the area in classify. In the meantime, change a fundamental to satisfy intensive: Change operation need to prop up mobile business intensive, implementation “ was accepted, put through, collected fees ” , voLTE IMS network uses Xinjiang to undertake building according to area deploy means.

Additional, ask in telecommunication of terminal respect China: Terminal manufacturer must support 800M;2017 since October 1, 2017 year type of 1000 yuan of above since October 1 must support VoLTE, 3000 yuan of above since April 1, 2018 must support double card double VoLTE;2017 year the terminal of NB-IoT of support of open in July test. Be worth what carry is Chinese telecommunication started entire network to connect 3 edition in the round 2018, and entire network is connected 3 the mainest is VoLTE upgrade

Chinese UniCom: Q4 just has network ability VoLTE this year too complex

Chinese UniCom wants than telegraphic, mobile pace a few slower. Some earlier moment is in “2018 year on congress of Chinese UniCom partner and ” of Fair of communication information terminal, chinese UniCom expresses: VoLTE will be in the fourth quarter has network capacity this year.

Actually, the manner that Chinese UniCom treats VoLTE or some are delicate, on the ” of congress of “ China radio yesterday Chinese UniCom spokesman points out: On speech solution, voLTE is too complex, should consider the issue that how VoNR simplifies.

The report showed a few days ago: 5G speech will make full use of VoNR, will replace technique of VoLTE predominate speech finally, replace 3G system morely, to 2023, the global market of predicting VoNR infrastructure will reach 13.6 billion dollar.

Besides, at present of the 4G network of Chinese UniCom communicate meeting fall after a rise arrives 3G network, the demand impact that gets online to the edge communicating by the side of the user is not big, the manner that this also brought about Chinese UniCom is delicate.

This year on July 10, zhejiang UniCom is in bank river get through of success of 2 buildings computer room phone of first VoLTE speech, and at the same time get through VoLTE video communicates. This mark is worn Zhejiang UniCom stepped decisive one pace to the cause that VoLTE had business to use capacity 2019.

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