3 reach the designated position into capital tesla is carried fast in China factory be born

On September 7, tesla (Shanghai) limited company is industrial and commercial register information happening change. Shanghai is versed in net of administration bureau official shows businessman, tesla (Shanghai) limited company registers capital to already was added from 100 million yuan reach 4.67 billion yuan.


In the meantime, beijing business signs up for reporter discovery, as the infuse of capital, the scope of operations of this company also expands to the production that increases electric car and component newly, sale and maintenance, increase cell newly crucial component makes the car of new energy resources such as electronic parts of electric machinery of drive of system of diaphragmatic, batteries management, electric car, high-power etc. Amplification of scope of operations, meaning tesla Shanghai company is a technology only no longer kind company, had begun car of true sortie new energy resources to make.

This year in July, tesla and Shanghai face harbor to be in charge of appoint the meeting, group that face harbor signs project of pure electric car to invest an agreement jointly, will be in the area that face harbor research and development of market of solely invested construction, make, the function such as the sale the tesla at an organic whole is super factory (Gigafactory 3) . On August 2, in tesla 2 quarters money signed up for the conference to go up 2018, ma Sike of · of tesla CEO Ai Long expresses, of tesla Shanghai factory build cost to predict to be 2 billion dollar. Tesla adds capital stock innocently, the loan that the company plans to will use local bank is the super factory bankroll of Shanghai.

Be worth what carry is, bencitesila registers capital for what Shanghai company raises, already occupied tesla China to set a factory to invest the 1/3 of number objective about. In the meantime, the message says, tesla will rely on the support of Shanghai government, with period obtain loan from inside hand of partial China large bank, aid financially tesla Shanghai factory to build a plan.

According to the program of tesla, shanghai new plant is produced can predict initial stage will be achieved produce per year about 250 thousand cars and batteries group, reach growth produce per year 500 thousand. Chief says related tesla, tesla Shanghai factory from build a factory to production to need the left and right sides two years, 2-3 needs later year achieve predicting crop goal.

In automobile industry analyst Gu Xinguang looks, if tesla Shanghai factory can be built smoothly and put into production, will bring pressure to domestic car look forward to. “ is in China solely invested build a plant, tesla can lower model price further, if Model 3 is a few faster put into production, very will competitive, a few words that make car company newly want to be produced in next year, grab anticipate opportunity likely still so, again late word will face worse situation. ” Gu Xinguang says.



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