Yunnan semiconductor device uses technology of key of preparation of material of nickel platinic target to obtain major breakthrough

The course tackles key problem assiduously, yunnan saves international collaboration to plan special ——“ semiconductor device to useMaterial of nickel platinic targetpreparation key technology and industrialization ” obtain major breakthrough, built product line and obtain good economic benefits, material of nickel platinic target replaced entrance product and sell as far as to abroad. A few days ago, by expensive grind this project that Inc. of platinic course of study undertakes is passed check and accept, overall assessment is outstanding.

Target material

In item executive process, the vacuum founding that technical group developed nickel platinic target and plasticity machine the research that waits for a respect, the micromechanism in nickel platinic target and preferred the strike out of material of the orientaton control, plasticity processing technique that contains material of brittleness photograph target, different target technology; Design of the type selecting of cutting tool, tool that hold clip and machine treatment optimize a technology; The high reliability of target material and backboard solders technology; The green that machines the leftover material of the generation in the process to clean recycle technology, Pt is efficient and chemical 4 respects acquire extract technology major breakthrough. This technology group early or late group of innovation of science and technology of selected Kunming city, yunnan saves innovation group to breed object, Yunnan to omit worker pioneer name.

It is reported, since the project is carried out, gained benefit of good economy society. Expensive grind Inc. of course of study built platinum to produce per year demonstrative product line of product of 1000 nickel platinic target, formed chief square written complaint, bowl shape and circle 3 kinds of appearances, the product of material of nickel platinic target of content of 5 kinds of different Pt, specifications index and dimension precision satisfied an user to use a requirement. Product not only came true to replace an entrance, return exit to reach company of American famous semiconductor. Accumulative total sells material of platinic target of of all kinds nickel 1300, realize production value 105 million yuan, sell profit nineteen million four hundred and sixty-three thousand nine hundred yuan, export among them achieve collect 5.172 million dollar. 2017, the product obtains the 19th Shenzhen to make award of can outstanding product high. During, technical group applies for 20 to invent patent, accredit 9, publish a paper 22; Introduce the sea to put in a doctor ‘s charge 1 person, train on-the-job doctoral student 4 people, education Master graduate student 3 people.


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