What new act will Intel have in AI chip domain?

Intel was sold in going 20 years more than 2. Processor of 200 million Xeon, created the income of 130 billion dollar. But recent 1 billion dollar is the sale generation that uses by artificial intelligence, this also may be the most important.


Intel carries out vice-president Navin Shenoy to express in activity of Intel, as Intel change is a company that is a center with data, of IntelAI chipBusiness has strategic value to the company. 5 years ago, intel closes to be occupied about for central battalion with data 1/3, the battalion of this industry closes now approach an in part.




Pursue on: Intel carries out vice-president Navin Shenoy to attend peak of innovation of Intel data center to meet.


But the business that artificial intelligence still is not Intel dominant. Intel evaluates middle finger to go out in the market, artificial intelligence is 20 % in the market share of crucial domain. 2017, only 1 billion dollar and artificial intelligence are concerned in business of Intel Xeon processor.


The analyst Patrick Moorhead of Strategy is accepting Moor Insights & when interviewing, express: “ Intel affirmation feels quite self-confident to releasing such artificial intelligence data. ”Everybody can ask “ this question in the future. Unless you are right future is confident, otherwise you won’t be done in that way forever. ”


Nvidia of graphical chip manufacturer and the competitor such as a lot of poineering companies also are in angle is same a market. The analyst Linley Gwennap of Linley group is accepting when interviewing, express: In this respect, intel is in inferior position probably on this market, because traditional central processor is differ,suit artificial intelligence to handle most surely.


But this company is throwing a large number of energy AI chip now. Shenoy expresses, what roll out later on this year is 11 times the expression of processor of Cascade Lake Xeon in respect of task of artificial intelligence pattern recognition will be processor of Silver Lake Xeon of the generation on 2017 newester.




Pursue on: The Navin Shenoy of Intel expresses, xeon AI 2017 year income is 1 billion dollar.


We believe “ the future of the future that data defined our trade and Intel, ”Shenoy says. The data of on “ world 90 % is founded in going two years, only the data of 1 % is analysed and use at real business value. We are in ” the golden age of data.


The success of artificial intelligence software is on certain level by rub the progress of Er law drives. Since 2010, computational cost dropped 56 % , memory cost dropped 77 % , performance grew 41 to 2017 from 2006 times.


But enter as Intel drive automatically car domain, future will face enormous challenge. Because these cars found a map,need camera is caught in real time and transmit data. Drive automatically the data that the car can generate 4TB hourly, these data must be sent high in the clouds, the analysis undertakes in data center, use at making real time map next, send its a car next. Intel estimation, be in relative to shorter time inside, it comes to the data that uses on the road 2 million cars data of large-scale numerous bag map.


Shenoy expresses, this is meant carry chip to arrive from the car brim equipment, make the same score the cloud computation of the stage to end to end again, AI general must infuse is all content. To 2022, intel is 200 billion dollar in the total usable vendibility of artificial intelligence market, the 160 billion dollar that prep above estimated last year.


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