Use technology of Intel artificial intelligence reparative Great Wall

The Great Wall, it is an architectural miracle, more accumulate the culture sign that containing rich connotation and indicative. Regard the world as one of 7 big miracles, the Great Wall also is the world since the linear with quantity thing upper part of the body and the largest scale is long-term, the protection to the Great Wall and reparative got government, learning, commonweal is organized wait to pay close attention to with all possible means with effort. These a few years, the country is used in Great Wall protection on obtained apparent effect, stem from body to measure tremendous, nature to erode however, a variety of elements such as factitious interference, current situation of Great Wall protection is very grim still.

More important is, undertake to the Great Wall through traditional method reconnaissance is mixed reparative, face a lot of challenge. On one hand, the span of the Great Wall is great, need does sufficient environment to monitor with investigation, traditional pattern is be measured through rule or range estimation, get the data with accurate essence very hard not just, it is a difficult danger, time-consuming and arduous task more.

This year in April, foundation of protection of Chinese cultural relic andIntelThe company holds “ science and technology to aid force cultural relic in Great Wall of valley of Beijing admire cropland protection and use autograph of ” of strategic cooperation agreement to arrange a ceremony. Both sides announces to will apply Intel jointlyAIArtificial intelligence technology and IntelWithout man-machineThe technology carries out the Great Wall to protect a project, protect this generation bound to commemorate the gender is built with unprecedented means.

The target of the first phase of bilateral collaboration is the rehabilitate that buckles the Great Wall to the arrow, regard the danger with the famousest Great Wall as Duan Zhi one, the Jing that the arrow buckles the Great Wall to showing old Great Wall adequately, danger, strange, special, wait for lasting appeal absolutely, but nature of city of this end length is efflorescent and serious, and be located in mostly over perilous peak bluff, circumjacent wood is dense, reparative personnel arrives at construction site walk with difficulty, the reconnaissance that traditional method place undertakes, reparative and safeguard difficulty heavily.

Is artificial intelligence specific how be to overcome a variety of difficulty?

In front, 8 unmanned aircraft are opposite falcon the city wall undertakes detecting be pattinged with boat, get high resolution image to build a model in order to undertake clear and accurate 3D, the 8 business that apply to efficient, essence to catch data definitely as use Intel falcon unmanned aircraft, close quarters mapping can fall in all sorts of abominable conditions, can be in film in the hour nearly 1000 pieces of detailed picture.

Back-to-back, the high-definition image that collects unmanned aircraft transmits back end, embarking Intel comes strong can expand the workstation of processor can analyse processing quickly, the judgement that monitor gives need to be short of to break by reparative metope crack and tile.

Later, pass algorithm of Intel artificial intelligence, the polymorphous voice data to be being collected undertakes analysis, processing and fictitious rebuild, for reparative, safeguard provide guidance, offer for reparative job calculate data.

Come 50 years, intel is innovating for technology of exclamatory of a few your people all the time provide strong support, drive the mankind to be explored to what did not come, let the world become more good. Be based on Intel advanced artificial intelligence technology and carry the platform solution to powerful processor, the antenna of Intel has been extended to extensive field, it is cultural relic protection not just, still haveNobody drive, protection of medical treatment, retail, animal.

As a company that is a center with data, intel offers what the world precedes to calculate force and algorithm, seek revolutionary application setting together with the partner, advance be born of artificial intelligence application jointly, change all trades and professions, settle the major challenge that the mankind faces.

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