Triumphant world connects incorporate into one’s own forces, sword of company of 10 thousand estate points to equipment of homebred semiconductor key

 On July 17, 2018, company of 10 thousand estate (600641.SH) announcement says, draft with out-of-pocket expense and issue share means to buy semiconductor equipment company triumphant world is connected; On August 4, company announcement, cash buys triumphant world to connect 51% equity to already completed complete a business transaction; On August 6, company of 10 thousand estate was held issue share to buy asset media specification to meet. A series of this announcement watches understand a company to march formally semiconductor equipment sphere, mean bear of company of 10 thousand estate semiconductor is homebred the heavy responsibility that turn.

Company of 10 thousand estate

    All the time since, our country is sufferred those who be short of core is painful, but more those who be short of is semiconductor key equipment. The crucial equipment such as photoetching machine, ionic infuse machine matters to our country to chase international already the integral process of the advanced technology that make Cheng. Once foreign tycoon implements embargo to our country, industry of our country semiconductor grows pace to will put delay considerably.

    This, company of 10 thousand estate buys the triumphant world of mark to connect, its advocate battalion product is ionic infuse machine. Basis ” industry of national integrated circuit grows outline ” , ionic infuse machine is one of semiconductor key equipment, it is national emphasis gives aid to domain. On one hand, the country is passed 02 special wait for special project, investment is huge endowment industry of supportive semiconductor equipment; On the other hand, guide actively also commercialize force to drive an industry to develop quickly.

    The product that triumphant world understands basically applies at solar energy, integrated circuit and AMOLED to show 3 big fields, in semiconductor homebred changed a respect to have not the expression of common, have the core technology that can accuse independently. Future, in the integrated circuit product line that global program is built and develop builds, close half layout is in China, purchase quantity increase sharply to equipment, will connect growth of product to the limit of one’s capacity to offer favorable opportunity for triumphant world.

    In solar energy domain, triumphant world is connected is the ion of 3 solar energy with at present only whole world one of infuse aircraft manufacturer, the market is had rate for the whole world the first. Ask ask the return of case to bourse according to 10 thousand course of study, triumphant world connects correspondence of equipment of aircraft of infuse of solar energy ion is course of technology of N PERT -TOPCon-TOPCon IBC. Because N batteries has changeover efficiency,tall, attenuation leads low good point, there also is an advantage more on the price, the market will be more pressing to the demand of N efficient batteries, n batteries will replace batteries of silicon of traditional and common brilliant gradually, make the important way that industry of smooth hot season develops. Current, manufacturer of much home solar battery, for example in come division of share, brilliant, brilliant bay, day closes etc, undertaking passivation contacts technical research and development, triumphant world is connected already with in come the industry such as division of science and technology of water and electricity of share, Yellow River, brilliant is famous degree of taller batteries the manufacturer negotiates business cooperation agreement, obtained enough order.

    In integrated circuit domain, triumphant world connects integrated circuit ion to infuse machine already completed research and development and fashion a product, product line type is 12 inches, already obtained the order of enterprise of many integrated circuit, infiltrated of international manufacturer purchase a system, formed the fundamental actual strength of own research and development.

    After finishing this to buy, company of 10 thousand estate will add semiconductor equipment business, on one hand, triumphant world connects advocate business Wu will be released for prospective outstanding achievement offer strong prop up. On the other hand, company of 10 thousand estate will rely on triumphant world to open the dominant position such as technology, group and brand, machine of infuse of main attack ion this one crucial equipment, it is important that hopeful drives our country to be had in the world in this domain one banquet. Future, company of 10 thousand estate will adopt denotative form and buy accelerate to transition of integrated circuit domain, span for industry of our country semiconductor development makes positive contribution.

    Notable is, national big fund will suffer allow hold of 3 Lin Moye place the 7% equity of company of 10 thousand estate, this will add important weight to transition of integrated circuit domain for company of 10 thousand estate.




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