Trade lustre opens the module of power source of MAXM17574 DC-DC step-down with compositive height of carry out Maxim

   Dedicated the electron that be tasted newly at introducing and offers huge stock yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells trade lustre electron (the module of power source of MAXM17574 DC-DC step-down of Maxim Integrated of the stock up since Mouser Electronics) this day. The agile parts of an apparatus of this managing space can help development staff reduce a design complex degree, accelerate a product to appear on the market speed, suit to arrive from industrial power source HVAC and application of floor space pilot.

Trade lustre

       Although the module of Maxim MAXM17574 power source that trade lustre electron supplies also has reliable show below harsh industrial environment, offer overheat protection, RESET to output protection of voltage monitoring and belch mode overload. This efficient module is in low model systematic level is enclosed (inside SiP) compositive inductor of converter of synchronous step-down DC-DC, full screen and compensation element.
       Module of this power source is in – 40 ℃ have 4.5 V to come to the limits of broad input voltage of 60 V, 0.9 V inside the limits of temperature of exercise of broad industry environment to 125 ℃ of 15 V adjustable the successive output electricity that exports voltage limits, highest 3 A. Of this module enclose dimension only 9mm X 15mm X 2.92 Mm, use simplifying PCB design, need 5 exterior component to be able to make complete power source solution only. Besides be used at industrial power source to apply, MAXM17574 parts of an apparatus still applies to distributed power source to adjust, base adjuster of station load dot and FPGA and DSP load order regulator.
       The MAXM17574 that MAXM17574 module has form a complete set is evaluated set, be aimed at the load current of highest 3 A, this set output voltage to be 5 V beforehand. This cover neatly offer adjustable soft start, signal of RESET opening leakage, adjustable the input is owed press a lock to decide and exterior frequency is synchronous.

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