The importance of chip technology? Plan of research and development of chip of 5G of each chip industry!

At present chip of each mobile phone spread out the whole world5GChip contest, Connect high, Intel, China for, Couplet hair division, the 5G chip plan that violet light postpones acute to wait to release them in succession, the hope is driven when next year business of each operation business uses 5G to offer but commercial chip, because this will decide them,be in the pattern of chip market.


The importance of chip technology

When Chinese business used 4G 2014, only first half of the year Gaotong and Marvell were offerred but commercial 5G chip, because communicate the advantage that has on the technology high,it acquired the share of great majority market of 4G chip market, couplet hair division arrived second half of the year just rolled out first 4G chip 2014, this let it miss an opportunity.

UniCom of China of business of two big operation and Chinese telecommunication began China to push entire network to connect a mobile phone in a large-scale 2015, entire below their puissant conduct propaganda network connects a mobile phone to be domestic user place to accept gradually, fortunately this couplet hair division is caught up with eventually time rolled out entire network to connect chip, be in homebred new below the support of OPPO of rise brand of two old mobile phones and Vivo, couplet hair division promotes the market portion gradually, to 2016 2 quarters are surmounted first in Chinese market eventually connect high carry off the first market share.

Regrettablly is, chinese shift is in early asked mobile phone enterprise and chip industry rise supportive L from October 2016 2015TE Cat7 technology, and couplet hair division fails to catch up with on technical research and development plan, because Chinese shift occupies the scale of Chinese mobile user to be as high as 6 to become, adversary machine market has powerful force, the chip that the brand of homebred mobile phone such as OPPO, Vivo quits couplet hair division in succession brings about volume of its chip shipment, outstanding achievement to glide; Accumulated 10nm craft of report because of stake stage again first half of the year 2017, and the 10nm craft of stage accumulating report makes progress after slow, put into production preferential take care of an apple, the yield that the high-end chip X30 of couplet hair division obtains is can finite, medium upright chip P35 is forced break down, support what the X30 of LTE Cat7 technology obtained evil spirit a group of things with common features only onlily to use, couplet hair division continues declining tendency.

2017 second half of the year, close jerk of couplet hair division gave the two end in the paragraph chip P23, P30, these two chip are P25 upgrade edition, basically upgraded namely base band in order to support LTE Cat7 technology, these two chip obtained the adoption of OPPO, Vivo, go up as a result of function nevertheless far the chip that is inferior to be being connected high, was to live firmly merely sutural and fail to promote outstanding achievement quickly; Till the P60 that rolls out this year, depend on function and what connect high is medium dragon of high-end chip brave 660 adjacent, AIThe advantage such as chip technology just obtained outstanding achievement rebound considerably.

Very apparent to couplet hair division, in 5G chip market it nots allow to have break, lest weigh skip again,the track of an overturned cart that causes decline lags behind because of the technology before this, as a result is chased at spending several years of time.

To Intel, the sole client of Intel is an apple, current as a result of apple and the patent litigation that understand high, the apple increases the chip that uses Intel of purpose, but if next year it cannot roll out 5G chip in time,it will lose an apple this sole client, the influence is great.

China to differ somewhat again, china the mobile phone chip that uses oneself only on high-end mobile phone to hold to all the time for years, depend on China the support that is a mobile phone China forThe sea is thought ofAlready became company of chip of global mobile phone 5 strong one of, this forces it to roll out 5G chip in time apparently in order to ensure the competition ability of business of mobile phone chip and mobile phone business.

Violet light exhibits acute to already was in in low end chip market stands firm, it desire with connect high, couplet hair division is in in competition develops on high-end chip market, and 5G times is a significant opportunity to it apparently, it also is determined to enter market of high-end 5G chip, in order to be in high-end chip market and connect high, couplet hair division one relatively relative superiority or inferiority.

Plan of research and development of chip of 5G of each chip industry

Connect high be in early released chip of base band of 5G of global head money in October 2016, released global head money to be aimed at the chip of 5G base band of mobile equipment again in October 2017, it emphasizes will rolling out the mobile phone chip that can be used at the mobile phone next year. 855 chip will drive the brave dragon that the near future has a message to point to it to be released in bright the beginning of the year originally this year release before the bottom, and the chip of compositive 5G base band will be released first half of the year in next year, meaning it will be the first enterprise that rolls out chip of 5G mobile phone.

Couplet hair division already rolled out M70 of chip of its 5G base band in June this year, predict to be in next year shipment, sealed it whether the mobile phone chip that rolls out compositive 5G base band in next year, apparent nevertheless this it already lagged behind at be being connected high in the research and development of chip of 5G mobile phone.

Intel announced XMM8060 of its chip of 5G base band on CES2017, it is OK to predict next year the provider uses chip of 5G base band, this caught up with malic next year releases the footstep of the IPhone that supports 5G basically however.

China the 5G01(Balong 5G01) of Ba Long of first 5G chip that released it to be on the MWC2018 this year April, it emphasizes this is the whole world chip of first commercial 5G, use on the larger facility such as CPE to look from what it reveals at that time nevertheless, explain Ba Long 5G01 still needs to undertake conformity is mixed further optimize contractible bulk, reduce power comsumption ability to be used on the mobile phone, if want to be in,this means it next year September – the 5G base band of compositive oneself on the chip of new fund kylin that will release in October still needs to accelerate plan of research and development.

Violet light exhibited acute to take the kind that two feet walk it seems that, it is namely cooperate with Intel on one hand chip of 5G of research and development, on the other hand oneself also accelerate the research and development of 5G chip, chip of mobile phone of first commercial 5G is released in next year bottom according to saying it will ensure, such its aux will be able to and connect high in same year roll out chip of commercial 5G mobile phone, this also is the will basic implementation that it emphasizes and tall collude pace roll out chip of 5G mobile phone.

Shift of China of business of the biggest operation emphasizes China 5G will be used in next year business, as a result of China mobile place has some powerful force, the footstep that industry of chip of each mobile phone hopes to be able to catch up with China moves of course, banner advantage is gained in order to ensure in the competition of market of this 5G chip or obtain a breakthrough, 5G chip market although have not boil already undercurrent is billowy.

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