The electron enters Yan Dongwei advocate country of the construction that satisfy peace is the biggest 6 inches of chip produce base

On August 18, the autograph makes an appointment with microelectronics of broad sense of Sichuan of investment of Yan Dongwei electron the ceremony is in the classics that satisfy peace opens an area to hold. Regard bibcock of domestic chip industry as the enterprise, this second plan invests Yan Dongwei electron 120 million yuan become a shareholder microelectronics of Sichuan broad sense, the help is latter the product line of 6 inches of chip that building rather then is short-term inside quick implementation stabilizes a quantity to produce, make 6 inches of chip with domestic the largest scale produce base jointly.

Yan Dongwei electron

Be located in the classics that satisfy peace to open the microelectronics of Sichuan broad sense of the area, dedicated the design at integrated circuit and semiconductor microelectronics product, production, sale, the product line of 6 inches of chip that its invest construction is produced per month already can achieve 12 thousand. Hold water at the Yan Dongwei electron 1987, have in Beijing produce per month can product line of 30 thousand characteristic of 6 inches of chip, its build product line of medium 8 inches of chip to plan to realize a quantity to produce first half of the year in next year. Electronic controller expresses Yan Dongwei, will consider to establishing group of technical research and development rather then, develop team of high-end technology qualified personnel, “ does not eliminate later period to be in build 8 inches rather then or the likelihood of product line of 12 inches of chip. ”

Current, group of first 15 people technology that comes from Yan Dongwei electron already was garrisoned microelectronics of Sichuan broad sense, assist latter and perfect production to make system and construction of quality safeguard system. In Yan Dongwei the assistance of electronic technology group falls, to the end of this year, product line of 6 inches of chip produces per month microelectronics of Sichuan broad sense can predict to will achieve 30 thousand, plan to came true 2020 produce per month can 100 thousand dimensions, make the integrated circuit manufacturer that precedes for home.


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