The content couplet net of semiconductor manufacturer changes quicken artificial intelligence be born

Mobile Internet bonus gradually come out, then information science and technology transforms to interconnection of everythings on earth, in Japan soft silver-colored Sun Zhengyi looks, content couplet net and artificial intelligence will be detonated the next time ” of “ technology big burst, great change will come, letting this get a feeling to sleep for excitement of old person of a cycle of sixty years is wasteful time, so far, begin wantonly detain is noted.

After compose of Sun Zhengyi afterwards built empire of a powerful Internet, was to raise money more a person of extraordinary powers of fund of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars bets future, hopeARMChip can permeate more domain, include content couplet net, intelligence to live in, Without man-machineWait for numerous intelligence hardware, will lead information science and technology development.

Chip: Commanding elevation of times of content couplet net

Chip regards computation as ability, cloud service is the platform between get through equipment, passAIProcessing, equipment of network of couplet of promotion other people feels ability (AI ability) , let semiconductor manufacturer welcome great opportunity, Ying WeidaSuffer fully chase after hold in both hands, IntelBattalion receives refresh history, Connect highAlso make to this forecast, chip of content couplet net can bring the battalion of 1 billion dollar to close to be connected high to year, it is to open the 2nd big market high, this will be afterwards after the smartphone, chip will present rapid growth state related the equipment of content couplet network such as applicable intelligence watch, from a level for, confirm period of bonus of content couplet net comes, and the nature that can produce direct economic benefits most is the chip that gets used to equipment of all sorts of content couplet network and cloud service.

Around chip contend for, spread out in semiconductor manufacturer not only, internet tycoon includes Gu Ge, apple and Microsoft, still have home the tycoon such as Alibaba, Baidu rolls out the chip that applies to equipment of intelligence of content couplet net in succession, the affiliation of these tycoons, commanding elevation of times of net of loot content couplet, in the meantime, also will pound semiconductor manufacturer, because of the chip such as Gu Ge roll out, the firm such as Ying Weida be regardinged as is the biggest competitor.

Gu GeDeepness studyChip TPU, with + of TPU + CloudTensorFlowCombination popularizes the whole world, chip of AI of not direct sale, serve mode to share AI capacity to the market with the cloud however, additional, handle ability to raise this locality AI, gu Ge rolled out Edge TPU chip on this foundation.

Although traditional chip manufacturer will be pounded certainly, nevertheless, benefit from benefit fromGPUCause, ying Weida growth is swift and violent, and Intel is same net of couplet of content of benefit from benefit from and artificial intelligence this one bonus, battalion received afterwards last year after innovation is tall, 2018 money year, predicting battalion receives 69.5 billion dollar, will create new historical height, in the meantime, intel also is quickening content couplet net and artificial intelligence be born and innovation.

Semiconductor manufacturer aids net of the couplet that turn thing to apply be born extensively

Content couplet net will have network of join of equipment of several one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two intelligence, after afterwards PC, smartphone, chip welcomes tremendous business chance, semiconductor also will be greeted shuffle pattern, sun Zhengyi is sent look at ARM, the AI chip that Ying Weida builds in GPU compose realized tortuous path overtake, and active transition issues Intel, in former days brilliant emersion.

Include some earlier this year moment, intel faces the deepness of all sorts of equipment and frameNerve networkThe model is compiled implement NGraph, rolled out brand-new OpenVINO tool, offer from the brim the computer vision to the cloud and deepness study development optimize ability, special with the vision processing changes content couplet net, apply extensively at finance, how to prevent, each industry such as commerce, industry, education, community, medical treatment applies setting, quick disposition artificial intelligence.

Long Kaiwen of controller of research and development of system of core of OS career ministry expresses Alibaba, be based on Intel newest issuance OpenVINO kit, promotionAliOS AI uses the property of case and shorten its development cycle, use the platform of different compose AI with unique Intel and tool, consolidate we study the lead position of the domain in artificial intelligence and deepness further.

Baidu cloud is embedded Yu Yingxi of chief of technology of group of artificial intelligence algorithm expresses, intel spreads out collaboration, in the light of Baidu the AI of newest design photographs product resembling a head, in Intel Apollo LakeCPUUndertook to the special network of Baidu on platform migratory and optimize, make function was able to promote 2 times.

The cloud is in from Li Jun of chief inspector of project of science and technology claim: The cloud identifies watch for an opportunity from the intelligence of eye of fire of product science and technology that faced the market to roll out own research and development, this is to be based on Intel OpenVINO, apply to of all kinds and integrated setting, the person face that can establish large network business to use applied system identifies intelligent equipment.

Vice-president of research and development is inspected to hold Shang Libo of chief inspector of AI product line concurrently to look in eaves, a company ability that has experience very much makes a stability, is used at the product to change chip that can solve a problem quickly quite, he points out, can be based on OpenVINO to do algorithmic training, train acme to it, same we can change a respect to achieve performance in the product acme, the configuration the product achieves perfection finally, this is eaves inspects the place that is good at quite.

And company of NetApp of management of data of global mixture cloud together Ying Weida is rolled out brand-new solution of framework of NetApp ONTAP AI, NVIDIA DGX super computer provides support, of the brim of over or across of data conduit implementation that aims to be deepness study deploy, core and cloud simplify, quickly with patulous, help a client use artificial intelligence to fetch real business gain thereby.

According to Introduction NetApp, through combining ONTAP AI and look of NetApp Data Fabric, the enterprise can be made to the cloud again to core from the brim one does not have seamed data conduit. Look in Ying Weida, yingwei amounts to the lead position in domain of artificial intelligence and GPU computation, NVIDIA DGX and NetApp shine completely retain systematic photograph tie, all sorts of foundation frameworks that can answer deploy of current artificial intelligence to be faced with are challenged, can help a client the artificial intelligence that quickly deploy has reliable function and simpler operation pattern.

Applicable ability of the chip of all sorts of intelligence equipment and artificial intelligence, deepness study aids net of the couplet that turn thing to apply be born, such as serves a field in finance, can undertake disbursement with the means that brushs a face, in direction of net of consumptive content couplet, YamaxunEcho/Alexa, google Assistant of Google Home / , and the little love that domestic millet rolls out, baidu has degrees small to wait, these are to be based onIntelligent sound boxBe united in wedlock with speech technology photograph, drive intelligent life to enter ten million family, and this one mode enters American numerous family already extensively, only volume of shipment of sound box of American family intelligence is as high as 50 million.

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