The 2nd round of custom duty of American hits semiconductor industry directly

American commerce represents arrange office (USTR) the tariff that announced the 16 billion dollar to coming from China imports a product to collect 25 % a few days ago, include to represent the specific item of 29 custom duty of semiconductor industry core among them. These custom duty product line include semiconductor product, if be used at monitor of circle of production machine and component, brilliant, flat, face guard and chip, and will cause member of SEMI400 renown United States estimation of annual and additional custom duty exceeds 500 million dollar.

SEMI and include Lam Research and KLA-Tencor inside hundreds company referred written opinion together, the requirement deletes custom duty detailed catalogue from inside draw up detailed list. On the meeting of governmental interagency group that holds in the United States by July, SEMI still objects custom duty on behalf of semiconductor industry attest, include to use data firm inside many 80 company is joined.

The United States

The member that this trade act will make the United States of SEMI is met is annual the loss counts ten million dollar. Be in next in a few days, USTR will announce American company how to ask to the detail of the product is deleted in the custom duty detailed list from 16 billion dollar, the 34 billion dollar that resembles the first round in that way.

China was adopted make step quickly instead, announce to the 16 billion dollar that exports from the United States the product imposes the custom duty of 25 % , include crucial to semiconductor manufacturing industry product among them, be like equipment of chemical, test and other part. The custom duty of the United States and China will on August 23 become effective.

The product of 200 billion dollar that the United States announces to want to import China imposes additional custom duty, to this, china also plans to be added to the product of 60 billion dollar that imports from the United States impose custom duty—This one great waves will cause more serious harm to American semiconductor industry. Newest round American custom duty will cover the commodity that uses in microelectronics manufacturing industry, include chemical, glasswork and spare parts. SEMI general has give evidence to the custom duty detailed list of 200 billion dollar later on this month.

SEMI is certain, can solve the United States to be opposite truly without a custom duty of Chinese trade act anxious. Contrary, they are passed raise business cost, introduce uncertainty and the company in strangling innovation to damage semiconductor to supply chain. SEMI will continue to cooperate with policy constitutor, because the United States and China carried out the custom duty detailed list of 16 billion dollar. We still will evaluate the product that the American list of 200 billion dollar and the Chinese list place of 60 billion dollar cover, because both is in the consideration. We encourage a member to examine these list, in order to determine the impact of pair of its companies.


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