Sly Shijing enters Zhu Ziguang formally the country is small

On August 14, sly Shijing is entered formally advocateViolet Guang Guowei.


When in the president before violet Guang Guowei demit holds the post of Li Ming last month, industry guesses Diao Shi president of violet Guang Guowei of Beijing general replace one duty, already got confirming nowadays.


Yesterday evening, announcement of violet Guang Guowei says, the means that the 20th times the conference voted with communication in the morning on August 14 holds the 6th board of directors of company, the conference is discussed through ” about election company of president of the 6th board of directors second reading ” , gentleman of Beijing of election sly stone is president of the 6th board of directors of company, tenure of office of the 6th board of directors of lieutenancy and company is consistent. According to the regulation, president is company legal representative.


In the meantime, the conference still agrees to elect sly Mr Shijing to be violet Guang Guowei fulfil of firewood of the 6th board of directors and assessment committee committee member, tenure of office of the 6th board of directors of lieutenancy and company is consistent.


Picture origin: Announcement of violet Guang Guowei


This year in May, sly Shi Jing enters office violet smooth group assumes couplet banquet president, report to country of group president Zhao Wei directly; On July 20, liming of small president of violet smooth nation announces to resign the post such as the 6th president, elect sly Shi Jing to be director of the 6th president; In August 10, in violet Guang Guowei 2018 for the first time temporarily on shareholder plenary meeting, sly Shijing is elected as trustee of the 6th board of directors of company formally; Nowadays, sly Shijing is formal president of replace violet Guang Guowei one duty.


About sly Shi Jing, believe the personage inside course of study to should be familiar with very. According to the data, sly Shi Jing is 56 years old, be graduated from Tsinghua university, Xi’an traffic university early or late, for Master of graduate student record of formal schooling, industrial and commercial management, and have senior engineer title.


Sly Shi Jing has more than 30 years of experience in ICT domain, the incorporeal character of domain of ICT of the China that be called, its from it may be said of personal details of course of study very give prize, ever held the post of vice director of office of minister of general office of Ministry of Electronic Industry, MII general office, integrated group assistant group leader holds office of job of informatization of the State Council concurrently vice secretary of office Party committee, industry and vice director of department of information of informatization ministry electron, director.


In the meantime, sly Shi Jing still holds countrywide IT part-time to standardize video of frequency of committee member of technical council vice director, whole nation and multimedia system and equipment to standardize science and technology of committee member of technical committee chairman, industry and informatization ministry electron appoint vice director committee member and communication science and technology appoint the important post such as the committee member.


Industry enters system of violet smooth group to be valued generally to sly Shi Jing it seems that.


Industry thinks, on one hand, from sly Shi Jing before this the identity of cadre of level of office department office is visible, this or representing national layer to face violet smooth group, violet Guang Guowei and chip domain take seriously; On the other hand, of sly Shi Jing reach the resource inside course of study to wait from experience of personal details of course of study, industry all very rich, know political policy already, be familiar with an industry again, what violet smooth group and violet Guang Guowei bring get effect instantly can is after steering a boat by its ringing to the shadow.


When sly in May Shi Jing assumes president of banquet of couplet of violet smooth group, industry rumor says sly Shi Jing will not take over all chip below division of violet smooth group relevant business, take up the post of memory of the Yangtse River, violet Guang Guowei, violet light to exhibit post of the company president such as acute or couplet banquet president.


Nowadays, sly Shi Jing already took up the post of president of violet Guang Guowei one duty, whether can still take up the post of memory of the Yangtse River, violet light to exhibit vigor as to sequel the main job of two companies, at present still not knowable.


Violet smooth group is adjusted several degrees this year


Since this year, violet smooth group decided further it is dominant with integrated circuit, from “ core ” catenary exhibits the high-tech industry modes of life and relation to their environment to “ cloud ” the strategy, at the same time group and banner leave a company all all previous classics a series of human affairs and equity fluctuant adjust.


Of human affairs respect fluctuant particularly apparent. This year in April, zhao Wei country in order to work busy for, resign at the same time violet smooth share, violet Guang Guowei two appear on the market greatly post of company director, president. Subsequently, at president of share of violet light of Ying Tao replace, president of violet Guang Guowei of Li Ming replace.


Then in May, sly Shijing joins in formally violet smooth group, take up the post of president of group couplet banquet one duty; In July, assume office the Li Ming of president of violet Guang Guowei of 3 months resigns; In August, post of president of violet Guang Guowei of replace of sly Shi Jing.


In addition, the powers and authorities of office of Zhao Wei country happens further fluctuant, on July 31, tsinghua accuses release directorate member to change announcement to say, country of Zhao Wei of president of violet smooth group holds the position of Tsinghua to accuse a director of the 5th board of directors no longer.


Equity side, tsinghua accused an announcement to say on August 10, of violet smooth group accuse a partner Tsinghua to accuse a limited company to planning the partial equity that transfers its to run some violet smooth groups, this item may involve our company to control person change actually. Industry guesses, this equity is made over or concern with the wind that school look forward to reforms this year.


Nevertheless, human affairs and equity change here when undertaking, the violet smooth group there still does not forget active position, extend business.


Several days ago, violet smooth group leaves the whole world with making an appointment with 95.34 million dollar to take light of life of Feng Celong head controls a standard next Suzhou life are new 30% equity, thorough layout is sealed survey group of business, perfect industry.


Violet Guang Guowei here Yi Chuanlai good news, the subsidiary below the banner is violet content couplet net moves in be the same as core to was in a few days ago solely unplug so that the head prepares in invite public bidding of two big projects, obtain brilliant of ESIM of level of circle of brilliant of ESIM of level of 40 million 20 million safe chip, spending, 10 million industry round order, it is China and even whole world up to now the mark book with the largest amount.


The Yangtse River stores the respect also is broken through somewhat, released its recently revolutionary technology Xtacking, this technology will make 3D NAND shines put have I/O high-powered and higher packing density, the product appears on the market cycle is shorter.


Sly Shi Jing expresses, the 32 stack 3D NAND that the Yangtse River stores shines put Q4 season magnanimity is produced this year. Be worth the Yangtse River to put the important hour of reserve antenatal sprint nowadays, of violet smooth group a series of changing with adjust whether can you be development of memory of the Yangtse River and its follow-up to bring ringing to the shadow? This still remains to observe.


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