SamSung swung Intel to enlarge semiconductor market first half of the year 2018 lead position



 Occupied foreign media coverage on August 21, samSung electron shines in global DRAM and NAND first half of the year put the market to continue driving 2017 expression, show according to the statistical data of IC Insights, the market share of SamSung from last year the corresponding period precedes only Intel the scale of 1% , expand to this year 22% first half of the year.

Intel is in last year first quarter still still is the semiconductor supplier with the biggest whole world, but begin to go from the 2nd quarter annual bottom, samSung exceeds Intel to make the whole world instead supplier of the biggest semiconductor, and was achieved since the top level since 1993.

IC Insights points out, predict to be in 2018, memory kind 84% what semiconductor sale will hold SamSung electron total sales, compare with the 71% photographs 2017 rise 3% , grow 13% first half of the year than 2016.

IC Insights still thinks, samSung is not memory this year kind the sale of semiconductor predicts to be 13.5 billion dollar only, relatively grew 8% 2017, was not memory last year kind the sale of semiconductor is 12.5 billion dollar. Under photograph comparing, the memory of SamSung kind semiconductor predicted sale amplitude is 2018 31% , reach 70 billion dollar.

This orgnaization returns the semiconductor supplier of before listing the whole world is ranked 15, include chip generation to be versed in manufacturer stage amasses report and companies of 4 research and development that do not have product line among them. This report says, if do not calculate a stage to accumulate report, so the apple will rank the 15th.

At present the apple is designed to be tasted from family property only and use processor, IC Insights expresses, 2018 first half of the year, the apple is custom-built the SoC chip that is based on ARM framework and other are custom-built equipment sale beforehand appraise is 3.5 billion dollar.

IC Insights still announced business of semiconductor of Toshiba company the rest and Xin Dongzhi to shine put (Toshiba Memory) NAND shines survive sale status, and this company this year the sale data of 2 quarters. 2 quarters created the systematic LSI of Toshiba and independent IC respectively this year 468 million dollar and the battalion of 315 million dollar close, and Toshiba shows the camp that survive to close to be 307 million dollar.

Show according to the data of IC Insights, 2018 first half of the year sale of company of before the whole world 15 strong semiconductor and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year grew 24% , tower above of more overall than global semiconductor industry amplitude 4% . Among them SamSung, SK the DRAM supplier of before the rank such as Hailishi and beautiful optical science and technology 3 year increase rate all exceeds 35% . (compile / sound rare)

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