SamSung electron share price drops continuously already relatively new Gao Zheng sends the history 24%

SamSung electron share price drops continuously already relatively new Gao Zheng sends the history 24%

    Intermediary reports outside, worry about day of beneficial aggravate as what super to semiconductor cycle sees a top, the share price near future of SamSung electron drops continuously. Although this company hopeful hands over the performance of the 3rd quarter with the most driving throughout history this year, but this appears to its share price and affect without what. And market expert is right the view of this company foreground also irregular is differ.

    The personage inside a few course of study says, after super cycle ends semiconductor, the growth of SamSung electron will put delay. Return somebody to think, this company share price rebounds sole, because all adverse elements had been mirrorred,arrive in its share price.

    Up to Zhou Yi, samSung electron share price closes at 43850 Han in newspaper of Korea stock exchange yuan, relatively go up to trade day glides 0.57% . That day dish in, this drop to 43500 Han for a time yuan, achieve 52 Zhou Xin is low. relatively 57519 Han Yuan’s histories that will achieve on November 3 last year are new tall, samSung electron share price had dropped inside the time that does not arrive one year 24% .

    SamSung electron is creating new outstanding achievement record every year, but drop as a result of share price, its city is filled with rate already from 2016 12 times drop to 6.2 times current. This points to under form a partnership of Korea put together significantly 10.7 times more average city is filled with rate. In addition, the city net rate of this company is 1.5 times, only summary prep above liquidates value.

    Although SamSung electron handed over record-breaking outstanding achievement, but its share price still is in drop continuously. This is meant, be worth horizontal field with respect to appraise, this company had made value, is not the growth with banner Korea. Undertaking 50:1Tear open before, samSung electron share price ever went up to 3 million Han last year yuan, at that time, the growth that it is regarded as one hundred percent.

    Wander in low continuously as share price, the market regards value as SamSung electron again investment. Because with the growth of this company latent capacity photograph is compared,this is, its share price by excessive underestimated, although industry anticipates his all the time,profit of operation of the 3rd quarter will achieve 17.3 trillion Han yuan (add up to) of 15.41 billion dollar about, achieve the history new tall.

    However, the foreign country is cast row however with SamSung of different viewpoint look upon electron. The analysis weighs Magenshidanli recently, the demand that considers to come from smartphone and server market is decreasing, and Chinese plan marchs in next year NAND shines keep the market, super cycle has ended semiconductor. In other words, samSung electron will continue very hard to grow.

    To this, the personage inside Korea course of study expresses, semiconductor of foreign company concerned “ is super the academic ” of prosperous cycle was exaggerated overly. Because,this is greatly, semiconductor industry will continue to present growth state inside quite long period of time, because store chip is the core element of several industries that lead the industrial revolution the 4th times, for example artificial intelligence and drive automatically automobile industry. In addition, because the cloud serves a provider to accelerate pair of memory calculative to invest, the demand of half-and-half conductor will rise continuously, because memory computation need uses more server DRAM chip.

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