Saipulasi rolls out the dactylogram that can replace user name, PIN and password to read take implement

What use easily is custom-built change TrueTouch dactylogram to read take implement can quicken a product to appear on the market the process realizes poor dissimilation; Have banner dactylogram picture quality and mode to match capacity

SaipulasiSemiconductor company and IDEX ASA of its strategy partner announced a few days ago, roll out dactylogram to read take a solution, for computer of smartphone, flat, can apparel and other and mobile equipment brings the means of user test and verify that uses easily again reliably. TrueTouch dactylogram is read take implement used particular inductive circuit and distinctive feelingSensorDesign, can offer quality of picture of industry first-rate dactylogram and graph to match accuracy, enhanced security already, had outstanding user experience again. This one quick solution can be used at designing the “Home” key-press of special appearance and size, or sensor compositive on the industrial design to terminal product or Home key.

Saipulasi hand in hand IDEX ASA, roll out the dactylogram that can replace user name, PIN and password to read take implement

Consumer likes to be read with dactylogram more and more take implement will replace the user name with complex input, PIN and password. The OEM of mobile equipment and the company that have selling making work through Internet the means that apt thinks this technology is identity of the safest user of test and verify. Grain of mobile equipment middle finger is read take implement what demand predicts to be able to have 47% is compound year of increase rate, come to achieved year of 700 million shipment to measure 2019.

TrueTouch dactylogram is read take implement the IP that used the IDEX ASA firm that is located in Norwegian Oslo. Saipulasi ever announced with IDEX the knot concerns for strategic partner last year, thereby can the capacitance formula that the technology uses the patent of SmartFinger dactylogram induction IDEX to be abounded in its feels inductive solution in. The IP of IDEX, add the sensor partner that approbates with IDEX to have synergic capacity, will make Saipulasi enters wide global market quickly.

Saipulasi’s president holds CEO T.J concurrently. RodgeRsSay: “ dactylogram is read take implement of this one rising market enter a doorsill very tall, partial reason depends on participating in the specializations highly IP that competitive place needs and complete solution. The relation of we and IDEX makes we can be offerred for client of top class mobile phone applicably the dactylogram induction solution at the whole world, include the sensor, drive that install eminent and software inn. The TrueTouch that adds us to precede the CapSense capacitance type of industry feels inductive controller and us touchs screen solution, saipulasi can be offerred without but the product combines the mobile user interface of compare. ”

IDEX ASA CEO Hemant Mardia says: “ and the speed development that surpass Pulasi’s collaboration to make have no before us go the feeling sensor of new generation, to its function we feel special satisfaction. IDEX is become revolutionarily like function, match algorithm and sensor IP patent and Saipulasi to get recognition fully but process designing piece on systematic technology photograph is united in wedlock, can realize industry first-rate dactylogram to match. The development of this one product is to be based on brand-new technology, in order to satisfy the requirement that OEM client feels sensor usability and safety to spend to small size. ”

FIDO and software support

Saipulasi is fast and online identity identifies (FIDO) one of allied members, this alliance aims to develop those who be used at means of general test and verify to be based on standard standard. Saipulasi and this alliance are had wish jointly scene, namely: Be defined for mobile equipment user and offer safer, illicit to be mixed closely convenient use experience. Method of metric user attestation can protect the live thing that FIDO makes sensitive information and need not the code that inconvenience uses. Use at installing Zhuo Cao to make TrueTouch dactylogram of the system read to take implement the solution includes complete sensor, compatible SPI drive, and the inn of software of test and verify that FIDO supports. OEM can use Saipulasi’s powerful client to support ability, test and usability tool and compositive special skill, undertake quickly custom-built change a design.

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