Resurgence incident quickens China to drive ” semiconductor dominion ” hard

China is versed in Xin Guobin of the undersecretary that believe a ministry points out, the computer and server place still have 95% above to need an import with high-end chip, “ and developed country still have difference ” of a few years.

A governmental minister of Chinese is warned, china still lags behind at foreign competitor far in manufacturing semiconductor respect, the high-end chip that is used at the computer and server still has 95% above to need an import, although already invested capital of a huge sum,chase.

The difference that we and developed country still have “ a few years, the way that builds production power is very long still. ” China industry and Xin Guobin of informatization ministry undersecretary are in Beijing express on an academia and industry expert forum.

China occupies his to export the hardware —— of nearly 1/3 to include mobile phone, telegraphic equipment and computer —— to want to depend on entrance semiconductor to make. According to world bank (the data of World Bank) and Chinese government, 2016, china imported the chip of 227 billion dollar, import petrolic more than defray.

Before Xin Guobin publishs afore-mentioned opinion on public affairs, china is the biggest communication of resurgence of industry of championship of one of telegraphic equipment manufacturer, state (ZTE) ever was collapsed by American punish almost; American punish because it violated the ban that exports to Iran and Korea,this company is, later disobeyed again at this point the compromise that problem and United States reach consultative clause.

To remove Washington respect prohibits the ban that resurgence and American enterprise begin business dealings, resurgence is forced to dismiss its board of directors, pay 1 billion dollar fine, still hand over 400 million dollar to be put in a mandatory account additionally, amerce will regard as turn over to the higher authorities below the condition that violates an agreement in it. Go up month, this company applied the line of credit of 11 billion dollar, so that restore from compulsive stop production and amerce,come over.

Experts express, this one incident quickened China to promote the effort of ” of “ semiconductor dominion.

The case of “ resurgence communication is meant, policy constitutor people pay close attention to the & of ‘ own innovation that weighs at them more nowRsQuo; , reduce namely depend on external. ” light big Xin Hongji (Everbright Sun Hung KAi) Beijing agency chief Qiaonasi • Xiao Te (JoNas Short) expresses.

Xin Guobin is warned, the production that the product place such as engine of Chinese plane, aircraft and car uses and detect equipment also has 95% above to count an import.

“ China needs to feel better safe sense, namely the supply that its electronic industry won’t suffer foreign government to bring to bear on is pounded. Dispatch of Long Zhou classics of ” advisory company (the Dan Wang of analyst of industry of science and technology of Gavekal Dragonomics) expresses.

“ although China had built a few capacity in production chip respect, but it does not have footing almost in respect of chip production equipment. Basically be American company in sale semiconductor equipment. He expresses ” .

The case of resurgence communication also showed American chip manufacturerConnect high(How does the company such as Qualcomm) depend on China, this company buys (of Zhi Pu of Holand competitor favourNXP) plan, already by the trade controversial issue between Washington of be involved in and Beijing.

In Chinese home, the experience open of resurgence communication an interior argues, focal problem is Beijing respect overtakes the plan of group of American science and technology has much success. A few people cite famous slogan of Deng Xiaoping, when advocating now is ” of “ hide one’s capacities and bide one’s time, the triumphal creed of advocate of government of before objecting one phase. Chinese government ever resurgence such national championship enterprise is occupied when attest, prove China already prepared take charge of a department alone.

Also joined even a few nationalists critical procession, allusive Beijing respect is premature have a show-down, caused rebound needlessly.

Of the government ” round-the-world times ” (GlobalTiMes) is judged in a company June in write, current China should build people’s confidence carefully; If use wrong method, domestic and international negative effect appears very easily.

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