Replace 2.5D to enclose, intel plan will be special enclose technical standardization

Intel (although,one kind is announced after Intel) prepares to want to be in a few weeks ” small ” but have politic sex only chip encloses mind extent norms, this technology can make prospective standard likely, implementation resembling is to fold confuse you happy tall building blocks (Lego) combines small chip in that way (the systematic odd chip of Chiplet) (SoC) devises a method.


At present Intel is in converge of extent of advanced to its mind is discharged (Advanced Interface Bus, AIB) norms undertakes final retouch, the high density that AIB is this company development, low cost is embedded much chip interrelates the bridge receives a technology (Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge, in EMIB) , naked brilliant (the area of hypostatic layer function with concatenate to naked brilliant Die) piece.


A few partner that Intel has given government of an United States to study case AIB norms authorization, plan to pass through this norms an industry alliance the company that free accredit gives any having fun at. If this company can persuade alliance of a certain existing industry to offer AIB, this norms is expected to be in a few announce inside week; And if must build a new alliance, the likelihood had be toed cost be as long as time of half an year.


Cheng Wei is made shrink in traditional semiconductor the technology becomes more and more complex and costly at the moment, resembling is EMIB can realize high-powered chip so (group) it is increasingly important that low cost, high density encloses a technology. The stage accumulates report (the conformity that TSMC) place develops fan gives a technology (InFO) also is among them a kind of plan, already was applied at the apple (the A series processor of Apple) IPhone.


Intel labels technology of EMIB behind the curtain all the time ” secret recipe ” , the facility that includes to use and make between chip simplify the method that the bridge accepts; Nevertheless this company plan turns AIB into a kind any enclosing the technology can be used, join ” small chip ” standard mind extent, with ecbolic a spare parts ecosystem that can help oneself product.


Still what many people support Intel wish scene, be in the United States for example the department of defense is advanced research plan draws arrange (DARPA) is responsible ” CHIPS ” the manager Andreas Olofsson of case expresses: ” make second for small chip too the network is the goal with CHIPS the mainest case, ” and Intel also participated in this case.


The United States is allegedly smooth (one of associate that Micron) also is this research case, developed two kinds light quantifying ─ of ─ of agreement of communication of AIB mind extent is communication property firstly (Transactional) , another kind is in order to is strung together spread a material; May final metropolis passes through those communication agreements and AIB same an industrial alliance commentate piece.


Besides the EMIB of Intel, also other firm prepares to roll out similar solution. For example by Marvell patriarch and before the Mochi special case for investigation that CEO Sehat Sutardja launchs; Still have the similar technology that achieves company ZGlue newly to locked up SoC of net of the couplet that decide thing to publish last year. Brilliant circle acting industry person Globalfoundries also expresses with the person that enclose course of study joint development is other technical option.


Does EMIB technology still have Intel oneself to use only?


Whether can the EMIB of Intel and other and similar technique obtain the market to welcome, still remain to observe; And these plan are the cost that with a view to reduces SoC to design and complexity.


Intel published EMIB first degrees 2014, showing this skill is the low cost replacement scheme that 2.5D encloses (origin: Intel)


Intel expresses, EMIB can be offerred achieve every square millimeter (the density that Mm 2) amounts to 500 I/O, the 2.5D CoWas that is equal to accumulate report at the stage is enclosed, but cost is lower; CoWos is to pass through large and will connect relative to the costlier, silicon intermediary layer that is located in lower part naked brilliant, and EMIB is direct the line is connected between chip, do not need to pass through bigger intermediary layer.


The InFo method of stage accumulating report is with inferior cost organic enclose (Organic Package) will connect chip, but EMIB is inferior to on density; EMIB can be assisted at present small to 2 micron (pair of neat span of Micron) , the stage accumulates report to also expect to let InFO support same density standard.


President of TechSearch International of technical adviser orgnaization, enclose technical analyst E. Jan Vardaman expresses, coWoS is the technology that can provide the most careful measure at present; And Globalfoundries, SamSung (Samsung) and couplet report (UMC) is to offer similar 2.5D to enclose a technology.


The InFO that Vardaman accumulates the stage report and life light (the FOCoS of ASE) , SWIFT technology that still has Amkor returns for same kind, the density that shows this kind of skill is inferior, the line that introduces the carrier that puts park lamination substrate to go up weighs distributinging layer (Redistribution Layer) ; Her complement points out, samSung also prepares to roll out about the same similar solution.


Intel is 2014 first degrees publish EMIB technology, one of technologies that as its brilliant circle generation is versed in business is offerred, but this technology so far the market is accepted degree not tall, be used on Intel oneself chip only, system of concatenate FPGA and exterior SerDes, memory still has Xeon processor.


In addition the processor of X86 of Kaby Lake series that Intel published a certain edition, because match,the AMD plot chip that connects with EMIB and HBM 2 recall form, let the market observation home feels open-eyed greatly and win recognition; This month earlier, intel also expresses to will grind when announcing to buy EASIC discuss apply EMIB at latter product.


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