PicoScope 5000D series: “The generalist with all ready function “

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PicoScope 5000DSeries: The generalist with all ready function

On June 4, 2018—Regard PC as the Pico Technology of oscillograph and leader of data logger market, will roll out oscillograph of FlexRes of PicoScope 5000D series and MSO today, its are fore-and-aft resolution is as high as 16, bandwidth is as high as 200 MHz, sampling rate is as high as 1 GS/s. FlexRes hardware interweaves in different time the input in reaching collateral combination uses ADC of many high resolution on the passageway, in order to optimize sampling rate, rate of the sampling when 8 ADC resolution can be as high as 1 GS/s, resolution of the ADC when sampling rate is 62.5 MS/s can be as high as 16, may come true be located in the aleatoric combination between both.

Model of PicoScope 5000D MSO added 16 numbers channel, can offer exact time to concern interactively for imitate and digital passageway. Can undertake indication in group is bus line to digital passageway, the value of every bus line can show for binary system, hexadecimal, decimal or n (use at DAC to check) . Can go up in imitate and digital passageway at the same time the setting is lofty spark.

Oscillograph of PicoScope 5000D series has the weaveform that is as high as number of 512 million example to take memory—Make than the oscillograph that competes to it is big multiple. What deepness memory can realize rate of the biggest sampling to fall is long weaveform is caught. The DeepMeasure of PicoScope™Analysis of memory of tool use deepness sparks every every cycle that weaveform collects concentration to include. Show the result in a form, express Glenn to show parameter field among them, form shows undee cycle all right. Every cycle includes the current version of this tool 12 parameter, can show be as high as million periodic.

Regard a standard as configuration, still included serial coding and analytic function. Coding can help an user know the thing that its design medium happening, so that identify process designing mistake and problem of examination signal integrality. Support 18 kinds of agreements, can process a variety of key application:

  • Car:         CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, LIN, SENT
  • Built-in:         1-Wire, I2C, I2S, SPI
  • Aviation:         ARINC 429
  • The computer:     Aether net 10 with 100BASE-T, PS/2, UART / RS-232, USB
  • Industry:         MODBUS RTU and ASCII
  • Illume:         DMX512
  • Hobby:         DCC

Oscillograph of PicoScope 5000D series contains join of SuperSpeed USB 3.0, can lightning class speed undertakes saving to weaveform, maintain the compatibility with inchoate USB standard at the same time. PicoSDK®The software development tool wraps support to join the successive data of mainframe computer flows, rate is as high as 125 MS/s.

“5000D is made on the base that in the PicoScope 5000A/B series that rolled out 2013 quick resolution oscillograph gains huge success. 5000D can offer them to measure for architect and test engineer current embedded all sorts of functions that need when all sorts of weaveform that come up against in the system, ”pico Technology company tests and measure department business to develop manager Trevor Smith to say. Such “ users can be caught and see a fast data signal, search sensitive imitate signal to be out of shape mediumly, all jobs use same money oscillograph to be able to be finished. ”

PicoScope software uses formulary editor to develop the processing capability of contemporary PC adequately, allow an user to define all sorts of complex undee maths function. Include to choose among them implement (low, connect high, belt connect and take block) , trigonometric function, index, logarithm, statistic, integral and derivative. Undee maths function still can be used at scale real time signal and historical wave crest, average weaveform or filter undee.

Bag of software development tool

Bag of PicoSDK software development tool makes the user can write his applied program for PicoScope 5000D hardware. Already included among them useful at Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac (macOS) and Linux (include Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone) driver. Code showed the give a demonstration that offers on page of Pico Technology GitHub how to wait for the programming language such as package of tripartite software and C, C# , C++ and Visual Basic.NET to undertake with Microsoft Excel, National Instruments LabVIEW and MathWorks MATLAB interactive method.

Price and but acquired character

The price of oscillograph of PicoScope 5000D series is as follows: The price from 60 MHz of 5242D 2 passageway model $1, 155 / €979 / £809 mixes signal to 200 MHz of passageway of high-end product 5444D 4 model $3, 025 / €2, 575 / £2, 125. June 2018 after the portion, can get all products from Pico Technology agency office (include accessory) the price.

About Pico Technology

Pico Technology company is in mixed in high-powered PC oscillograph all the time inside 25 years in the past the design of digital logger, development is in banner level with production respect, since 1974, the engineers of hamster office devote oneself to the job of RF and microwave market.

We made an appearance jointly the innovation product with compact, high performance and software, make a person impressive, and the price is compared normally low. For example, bandwidth is as high as the series of oscillograph of PicoScope PC sampling of 25 GHz; Have be as high as 16 to secure the real time oscillograph with memory of amortize of agile hardware resolution, high capacity and mixture signal function; TC-08 and PT-104 temperature count word logger; And win numerous award car oscillograph suit.

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