PI announces the adapter design that uses InnoSwitch3 IC passes attestation of USB PD standard successfully already

On August 9, 2018 dispatch deep ploughing the firm of well-known company Power Integrations that at high-pressured integrated circuit high-energy effect power source changes a field (Na Sida overcomes stock code name: POWI) a series of adapter designs that announce the InnoSwitch3-Pro that is based on Power Integrations and InnoSwitch3-CP IC now already were transmitted through USB power (PD).0 standard attestation. On the seminar that at Russia in the near future city holds Portland of the city that strap ridge, 9 adapter that use InnoSwitch3 parts of an apparatus are designed (the design that includes much money to be referred by manufacturer of famous power source) passed test of attestation of USB PD.0 standard successfully. Among them many design that adopts attestation used the advanced PPS that accords with USB PD.0 standard (the number controls power supply) option, this technology can accelerate computer of smartphone, flat and notebook computer charge speed, and dangerous Gao Shuiping quantity of heat won’t produce in parts of an apparatus.

The InnoSwitch3-Pro of the movable condition set that Power Integrations rolls out is compositive the digitlization fine tuning that range of products can carry switch IC to reach electric current for voltage, realize the accurate control that charges to batteries. New parts of an apparatus or appliance can provide the output power that is as high as 65 W, and be below all sorts of input voltage and laden condition can provide the efficient performance that is as high as 94% , and can coordinate the work with small controller, control and also can monitor power supply of type leaving a line according to the instruction of systematic CPU.

InnoSwitch3-Pro support is almost all fill an agreement quickly, include USB PD.0 + PPS, Quick Charge 4/4+ , AFC, VOOC, SCP, FCP and other industry and consumption kind batteries charger standard, apply to adjustable the application such as driver of smooth LED ballast and power source of output adjustable industry.

Shyam Dujari of chief inspector of sale of Power Integrations product expresses: Before long in the future, USB PD.0 will popularize application in mobile equipment. PPS option is mixed to the smartphone not only flat computer is very important, now to notebook computer as much important, the ultrathin appearance presence that uses because of the notebook computer place nowadays comes loose hot limitation. Our InnoSwitch3-Pro IC range of products can provide the efficiency that is as high as 94% , ensure parts of an apparatus moves calmly, still can reduce systematic BOM at the same time.

Sample of InnoSwitch3-Pro parts of an apparatus already began to accept now order, be based on 10, 000 order goods volume unit price is every 1.12 dollars. The technology related to InnoSwitch3-Pro IC bears a material, refer to Power Integrations website please: Www.power.com/products/innoswitch/innoswitch3-pro.

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